New Feelings and Getting Caught

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Cho Lee's POV

Me and Ahn Ji were still talking until the guys entered. At first they were all so happy but then they saw my position with JB. I didn't

realize I was still holding on to him.

SooYeon got really shocked and a tear fell from her eye. She likes JB?

Yugyeom got angry and balled a fist.

Mark's eyes widened and he walked away.

Ahn Ji stayed quiet since she heard everything but.....then SooYeon grabbed her arm and took her away.

"Cho Lee" Jackson called me

Youngjae helped me remove JB from my arms...the dude's heavy, for me. He then accompanied me to Jackson's direction.

"Cho Lee......what happened to JB and Jr.? Why are they unconcious?" Jackson asked

"I.....made them drunk..I mean that's what I was planning but..Channie oppa was here and he did it for me"

"Why? Aish....I never thought that you would be like this" Youngjae sighed

"What? If you're thinking of anything dirty then you're wrong. I only did this so they would forget"

"Forget what?" They asked

"The questions." I answered simply

I walked away. This is just as bad as the situation with JB and Jr.

SooYeon's POV

I grabbed Ahn Ji eonni's arm. I took her to an alley and talked to her.

"What do you know about JB and Cho Lee?"


"What did you hear just now?"

"I did hear something........" She said, hesitating

"Tell me!"

"JB confessed to Cho Lee....but he was drunk"

My heart just crashed. It got stepped on and laughed at......I feel like a fool. I never thought but...I just can't keep hating them.

Ahn Ji eonni hugged me and left. I just sat there and cried....but then I hear a couple of steps.

"Hello pretty girl....what are you doing here?" A drunk man said, while walking towards me. His voice is sluggish.

"Please...get away from me" I said, softly but sternly

"Hurt now are you? Let's make the pain go away.." He said with a creepy smile then he got knocked out

"Bambam...." I said and tears started to fall again

"SooYeon ah....please don't cry. It hurts me to see you cry. But I'm glad you're safe" he said while hugging me

"Because of you......thanks, you saved me" I mumbled in his chest.

"Of course I will. I'll protect you....I'll always protect the one I love"

I looked up to him and gave him a kiss on his cheek.

"Bambam.....I like you too, thank you for saving me"

"No problem, at least you're safe now let's go to the cottages....and help the guys in the bar." He laughed

"Yeah..let's do that!" I giggled

Maybe JB isn't the one for me....because Bambam's here all along.

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