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"(Y/N), sweety. Let's go into town and look for some medicine for your father."

"Okay!" A small (H/C)ed girl stood up happily and ran to her room, putting on a fresh clean dress and met up with her mother outside their home. She looked up at her and smiled, her mother had a slight pained look in her hazel eyes as she practically drug the child behind her. "Momma, slow down! You're hurting me!" She looked up and saw her mother was ignoring her and bringing her to a man holding a bag of gold.

"Here. You said this would be enough to save my husband, right?" (Y/N) watched the man as he walked behind her and began playing with her hair, twirling it between his fat, greasy fingers.

"I think this is good payment." He pulls out a metal collar connected to the chain on his belt and locks it around (Y/N)'s neck. "Good luck with your husband's medicine, Vinima."

"Momma?" (Y/N) watched in confusion as her mother ran off with the bag of gold in her hands as the man starts walking away.

"Come, child. Let's see how much I can make off of you."

(Y/N) woke up, shooting up and looks around at the other children in the cell with her, grabbing onto the shackles on her ankles and furrows her brows.

'It's been two years since Momma left me with that man... I hate slave traders. They're all disgusting people!' The sound of someone shaking the cell door made her look in the general direction to see a fellow slave with the keys, fumbling with them to find the proper one. Once he found the right one, he shoved it in the door and swung it open, waking the other children.

"Get up! This is the only chance you have!" The kids looked at each other in confusion, then started running out of the cell towards the exit. As they were running, a few of the guards intercepted them, slashing a few of them to the ground, blood splattering on (Y/N)'s face and clothes. They all screamed and ran the opposite direction while a few more of the older slaves protected them and held off the guards.

"Run! Get out of here!"

"But mister!" The small girl was shoved aside, being caught by another child her age, maybe a bit younger as he tugged on her wrist, tears flowing from all of their eyes.

"Go!" She looked back to the man that had saved her, cheeks wet from tears, sweat, and blood as more guards came from the other end of the hallway. As the girl with red, puffy (E/C) eyes started climbing the wall to reach the window, the screams from the other slaves started getting louder as she reached her hand towards one of the children on the ground. Once she helped the other two out the window, she hopped onto the ground and ran with them, not looking back as some of the guards got past the men and shouted at them. Their shackles rang loudly in their ears as they continued to run, hopping and ducking under people and their stalls until their little legs couldn't run anymore. The three children ran into a alley and collapsed onto their knees, panting and heaving to try and get air into their lungs.

"That was so scary...."

"Yeah it was. (Y/N), are you okay? Are your arms sore?" The brown haired boy named looked over to her, reaching out to gently rub her arms. Her eyes were closed as she rested against the wall, her (H/C) hair sticking to her face. She weakly opens her eyes and looks to both of the boys next to her and gives a faint smile.

"Yeah... I'm fine." 'No I'm not. My legs feel like they're going to snap off and my heart is in my throat. I don't know if I can run anymore....'

"Maybe we can stay here for the night. I don't think anyone would want to house runaway slaves. They might send us back!"  (Y/N) goes over to the red haired boy, bringing him into a hug while the brown haired one crawls next to her and cuddles into her side. The three of them eventually fell asleep behind some crates as the sound of people slowly dwindeled down to whispers and some laughter from the people in the Red Light District.

Hours passed, and (Y/N) was the first to wake as she stretched, her chains jingled and she paused, looking around to see if anyone heard them. To her horror, a guard turned to look down the alley the three of them were sleeping in, and slowly walked towards them. She pressed herself against the wall as much as she could, keeping the other two out of sight.

'Shoot! Please don't see us!' She held her breath as the guard walked past them, looking around, then continued walking and turned out of the alley. (Y/N) breathed heavily and looked down to the boys and smiled, rubbing their heads. The two boys woke up a few moments later, stretching and smiling up at (Y/N).

"We made it! A night free...."

"Yeah, but what are we going to do for food?" (Y/N) looked to the younger boys, then stood up and carefully walked to the opening of the alley. "(Y/N)? Are you thinking of something?"

"Stay here and stay hidden. The shackles are really loud, so try to make the least amount of noise as possible, okay? I'll be back." The boys nod as she ran out of the safety of the shadows, heading towards the vendors. She waits until they weren't noticing for her to grab a piece of fruit or some bread. Once she gets enough food, she comes back to the alley to see the boys had made a make-shift tent with some leftover crates and a ratty blanket.

"We made a house!" (Y/N) smiled at them as she brought the food to the younger boys. As they were eating, they both looked up at her. "How long do you think we'll be like this?"

"I don't know..."

A week had passed, and (Y/N) was getting weaker. She fed most of her food to the boys to keep them strong, but they were getting more demanding. She sighed and left the bickering boys to bring food to them. An hour passes, and she returns to their tent, seeing that it was empty. The food and bread roll out of her dress as (Y/N) looked around, panic written on her face as she ran to the other end of the alleyway and sees the two of them talking to a woman. The women frowns and leads the two of them to the carriage she was in and (Y/N) watches them leave.

'They left me... After trying my best to take care of them...' She started to get angry, but then tried to calm herself. 'This might be for the best. They wouldn't have been able to get food or water. Maybe that woman will care for them and give them homes. Maybe I should try to find someone that'll help me.' (Y/N) ran across the street into another alleyway, but lost her footing due to weakness and tumbled down and landed on her chest, her hands covering her face. She coughs a bit and looks up to see a boy a little bit older than her, his messy white hair shielding her eyes from the Reim sun, his green eyes showing concern for the girl's well-being.

"Hey, are you okay?"

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