She is dangerous

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Three years after 

Nova's pov

I watch Adeline as she sits in the waiting room "Miss your friend is in the hospital room 308" Adeline nods then says "Next time you take so long I will shoot you"the glare she gives the woman almost scares me as well but at the moment, I want to see if Veronica is okay we walk to the room nad open the door Veronica is awake and reading she places her book down and we see her gun in her right hand "Hey girls" her response is firm and soft Adeline's voice is shaky "Who did this" Veronic laughs a bitter laugh then she said "It took an entire gang to do this but they call themselves the Blackskull gang"Adeline smirks and looks at me"Hey Nova up fro a little game"we all share a look then Veronica says"If your going to kill them I am going I have a score to settle"her eyes are filled with bloodlust we look at her with interest "What did they do" she then shows us a video "They killed my Dad thinking he was alone my Mum and brother are dead as well" Adeline smiles"sure come on Veronica stands up to my surprise is not wearing a hospital gown but a black 3/4 jeans with a black crop top and jacket she slips on a pair of  thigh length black boots and grabbed her gun we walk out the hospital and on the way out a girl rolls her eyes at Adeline who shoots her . She is in Killer mode.

About Three hours later we pull up in front of the gang's house and knock on the door when they open the door I see a smirking Angela answer the door and can't help myself but shoot her Adeline walks into the building and shouts "Oy I just witnessed my best friend shot your girl get down here and fight" about twelve boys run downstairs I laugh then says"It took twelve of you to beat Veronica that is just sad"Veronica looks around then raises her gun and shoots a blonde guy with green eyes.Adeline's voice echoes "where is your pathetic leader"a guy around six foot one walks in "That would be me" Adeline smirks good, bye-bye" and she shoots him six times we look at all the others and shoot them but one "You're mine," Adeline says we step back as she grabs a knife and embeds it in his leg we stand there and enjoy the sounds of his screams but Adeline does not stop there she cuts his wrist but not deep enough to kill him a little boy and girl run into the room and his eyes widen"Brennan leave" he shouts the girl grabs the boy who has a resemblance to the boy at this Adeline smirks and shoots the little boy in the head the girl screams and tears start running down her face but Adeline grabs her and  forces the boy to watch as she slits the girl Brennan's throat.The tears running down the boys face is enough to make me laugh but Adeline takes her gun and places it on the boys head "Bye-Bye you devil" she says then pulls the trigger we leave the house covered in blood. 

Adeline's pov

I wash the blood off my body and walk downstairs today is the girl's and I movie night it has been three years since my Dad died I have grown cold for anyone other than my members I would  kill for them I am known as the most powerful Mafia leader in the world and the most powerful and Dangerous woman in the world my Dad would be proud I am a female version of him but I still have mom's habits when It comes to taking care of my people.I sigh it has also been two years since Evan died that caused Nova's first breakdown but she got revenge that day the Nice kind Nova died I mean she is still there when it is just us and I mean the whole group but anyone else she is cold too.

And it has been one year since Veronica's sister died I wish we could have stopped it but as soon as Veronica got the news she went back home and every last person related to Abigail's killer died within that week.

But it's not time to be thinking about that I should be downstairs eating and be watching movies.I smile and run into the movie room and grab a pillow as Veronica walks in the room with several guys behind her with food in their hands they place it on the table and say goodnight Nova kisses Eric her new boyfriend and then sits down time for movies.

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