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Daryl has always been an early riser. Today, in particular, because they seem closer than ever to finding Sophia. He walks into his tent and nudges a sleeping Sonora with his toe. "Rise and shine. We gotta get saddled up." She groans something unrecognizable, turning away from Daryl. He half smiles at the sleeping girl. If there was one thing he knew about Sonora, it was that she is not a morning person.

Sonora had proven to be a decent tracker and good hunter. She knew when to speak, and when to keep quiet. He likes that about her, among other things.

The two had grown to be what the group could only assume was close for Daryl. He wasn't completely unbearable when she was around, and he was never rude to her. Not to mention Daryl let her share his tent.

Their constant, quiet banter and laughter had the others thinking maybe there was something more, but no one was sure.

"You think they're... Y'know." Glenn and Dale watch Daryl head toward the two's shared tent after snatching two slices of bacon off Glenn's plate.

"Think they're what?" Dale asks, sitting in the doorway of the RV.

"Um... hitting it?" Glenn lowers his voice sheepishly.

Dale shakes his head. "I haven't known Sonora long, but I know she wears her heart on her sleeve. We would be able to tell if they were 'hitting it'."

Glenn leans against the RV. "I don't know. Daryl was in a good mood this morning. He didn't even say anything racist."

Dale shrugs. "Maybe her friendship is good for him."

Glen shakes head as the two observe Daryl and Sonora exit the tent. Sonora sleepily chews on a piece of bacon, hair wild and missing a shoe. She approaches the RV as Daryl heads for the stables. "Yeah." He remarks. "'Friendship'." He put up air quotes with his fingers.

"Morning, Sonora!" Dale calls cheerily.

"Good morning." She greets, groggily pulling a couple water bottles from the cooler and putting them in her backpack.

"Sleep well?" He questions, fiddling with a wrench.

"Yes, thanks." She replies cheerily, finally waking up.

"Did you sleep?" Glenn mutters under his breath. Dale kicks him, giving him a pointed look.

Sonora furrows her eyebrows. "Of course. Why would I not?"

Glenn blushes , muttering something about going on a run before heading for the farmhouse.

Daryl rounds the corner, leading two horses. Wordlessly, he hands Sonora the reins to a pretty black horse. He adjusts his crossbow before swinging his leg over the saddle of the skittish chestnut. He waits for Sonora to get on her horse before the two trot back into the woods.

"And you asked Hershel if we could borrow his horses?" She questions after a bit, the two walking along the river.

"Yeah." Daryl lies. He doesn't have time to ask permission, as far as he's concerned. There's a missing little girl, and he and Sonora have to find her. "'Sides, what's it matter? We're bringin'm back before sunset."

Sonora shakes her head at the blue eyed man. "You know, back in the day, stealing a Cherokee brave's horse was punishable by death."

"Hershel don't look like no Cherokee brave to me." Daryl retorts, spotting something up ahead. He clicks his tongue and the horse breaks into a trot. Sonora laughs before following him, and the two slow the horses to a halt when they reach the object of interest.

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