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Alright friends! Get ready for this one, cause it's by far, the longest chapter in this book at 5.3+ words. Most of it is pure fluff, but there will be a few little foreshadowing things in there, which I'm sure you all will notice once you start reading ;)

Just a warning, this isn't proof read, so sorry for any mistakes, but I hope you all enjoy!

"Let's get you fed sweetheart, it's gonna be a long day" Lauren smiled, rummaging through the fridge.

Camila had her student orientation today, since her classes would begin in just under three weeks. The small girl was dreading it though, since it started at eight, which meant Lauren had gotten her up at just after six.

And not only that, but Clara's visit was in two days, and Lauren couldn't help but stress. Nonetheless, she tried to push it out of her head, and just focus on the task at hand.

"How does some yogurt sound? Baby, don't put your head down, you'll feel even sleepier" Lauren chuckled, looking back at the girl when she didn't get a response.

Camila was sitting on one of the chairs, since Lauren wanted to make sure she was out of headspace by the time she got to school. The small girl had her head down on her arms, her body slumped onto the table.

"But 'm sleepy" she whined, swinging her legs a little bit.

"I know princesa, but you can take a nap as soon as you're done alright?" Lauren said softly, scooping some vanilla yogurt into a bowl, and beginning to chop up some strawberries.

The two had agreed that they would go back to her apartment after, and relax a bit there.

"Can I bring Peter with me?" She asked, sleepily lifting her head and resting it in the palm of her hand.

"I don't think Peter would have too much fun there nena, but how about I bring him with me, and you can see him when I pick you up?" Lauren said, knowing the small girl was still semi in headspace.

"Okay" the small girl yawned.

"Eat up nena, we need to get you ready soon" Lauren smiled, setting the bowl of yogurt, strawberries and granola down in front of her. The small girl smiled widely, starting to giggle when Lauren ruffled her hair.

The older woman sat across from her, eating her own bowl, along with a cup of coffee.

"Can I have some?" Camila asked, reaching for the mug.

"You sure? It's a little strong" Lauren said, raising a hesitant eyebrow.

"I need caffeine if I'm gonna survive today" Camila chuckled. Lauren laughed softly, shaking her head before sliding her mug over.

She'd only asked because she wasn't sure if the girl was in headspace, and there was no way she was letting her baby drink coffee.

"Ew Lo!" Camila yelled, wiping her tongue with the sleeve of her shirt.

"I told you it was strong!" Lauren said, putting her hands up in defense.

"You said it was strong! Not black asshole!" Camila shot back, still wiping her tongue to try and rid her mouth of the bitter taste.

"Escude me! I'm the asshole? Just hear how you're speaking to me in my own home! This is abuse!" Lauren yelled dramatically, making Camila roll her eyes.

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