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iv. think lovely thoughts

━ ❝ straight on till morning ❞

━ ❝ straight on till morning ❞

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WAS THIS WHAT it felt like when you were in love? Because while it did feel overwhelmingly wonderful, it kinda sucked at the same time. All Arabella wanted was to actually sleep the night she and Malcolm shared their first kiss. That was a far stretch considering that she lied in her bed for hours just thinking about him. She knew their relationship could only end badly due to the fact that in time she was to marry another man. The Princess scoffed to herself. Alistair was hardly a man. In her mind, he was nothing but a mindless prince who wanted the power she would be forced to give him.

But this did not change her mood as she sat in her bed early the next morning, listening to the birds singing on her balcony. A smile adorned her face as she traced the simple design of the sheets. The girl brought a finger to her lips and continued to smile. Her mind was plagued with the memories of her and Malcolm. She dreamed of them having a life together in the future. It, unfortunately, wasn't going to happen anytime soon.

Her life seemed like a curse. Arabella was forever trapped in the future her mother wanted for her. Dark waves fell in front of her face as she lowered her head down to stare at the sheets. Why couldn't she just live the life she wanted? If the Princess was ever given the choice, she would give her magic up, she'd give her royalty life up if it meant her being with Malcolm. However, it was too early in their relationship and a big leap like that frightened her. Never had she been in love before.

During breakfast, only an hour later, Arabella tried to contain her joy. Ivy and Leo both noticed. Her mother seemed skeptical because the look in her daughter's eyes she felt like she knew all too well. Love. Love was weak in the eyes of their long line of powerful beings. And if Arabella were to be the first to screw it up, the legacy would crumble with her. Ivy would fall with her as a result.

Arabella felt the burning gaze from her parents and looked up at them to see the looks they were giving her. "Is there a problem?" she asked them, her hands nervously wringing in her lap.

Ivy forced a smile, putting her hand on her cheek. "No dear, it's just....did something happen yesterday while you were in the village?"

The nice way she asked her was her way of demanding her to tell her the truth. Ivy wasn't always so forceful and upfront, especially when Leo was around. They still had a reputation as the kind and generous Queens and Princesses so she fought hard to keep that title. However, it did break whenever rules were broken and the villagers were punished by them making the soil unfertile until they pleased their rulers once more. It was the sickening yet undeniable truth.

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