Derailing Of Emotions

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Parvati Hope was in for a tremendous surprise that morning. As the Bahamas sun rose over the ocean in a lapping orange and yellow, her hair strewn in heaps all over the white satiny pillow, the scent of the alcohol still extruded from her mouth like a green frost. There were three things that struck her that morning. 

One — she was not in her bed.

Two — two strong arms struggled to keep her close.

Three — it felt like somebody smashed a lamp over her skull and dumped the worst possible foods in her mouth to make a broth so bitter in her throat that it'd make your eyes water.

She backtracked, kept her eyes closed and she tried to squeeze the night's events back into her brain. But nothing. All she saw was black and all she remembered was the ivory pages of her newest book that she was reading. So why was she hungover, had a black dress on, and had Justin intertwined with her? Although, the last one she could manage.

Parvati sat up, her skull oozing with pain as the headache thrashed against her temples. Beside her, Justin sat bedimming with pillows, looking peaceful and happy. She angrily flicked his exposed forehead, awakening him from a rerun of their kiss that happened on color changing floors and tempos music. 

"Why'd you do that!" Justin yawned exasperatedly, rubbing his forehead that had a splotch of red. 

"Explain to me why I feel like sh-" she cut off, the thought of cursing making the already bitter taste in her mouth turn even more disgusting. "Why do I feel like crap? Why do I have a dress on? And why am I in your bed!"

"It's not like it's your first time sleeping in my bed?"

"The first time I've been wearing a dress in your bed, yes!" She shouted, her pounding headache shooting into different areas in her skull. 

"We went to a night club, you got shit drunk, you started hitting on me and you gave me a blow job, so then we ended up having sex. But I was considerate, I put your dress back on." Justin masked the smile that was ceasing his dyingly good shaped lips and through his hazy vision he could see Parvati's face steam up in a cardinal red.

"We-" her breathing became dislocated and Justin's eyes slithered down to her rising and falling chest that was rapidly bounding upwards and then slumping back down. "Oh my god! No, this can't-" 

Tears stung the corners of her eyes and it didn't take long for Justin to see the film of tears brimming over her dark blue eyes. 

"Oh shit, no, Parvati - I was just kidding. All we did was kiss," he said frantically, watching a few tears roll lethargically down her sun kissed cheek. Justin scooted closer to her, the sight of her leaking tears of pain pulling at the inners of his heart. 

"H-how is that any better!?" She wailed, dropping her head before he could see the flame of red beam against her tanned complexion. She was now crying, mainly because she felt sorry for him. She hadn't kissed a guy since tenth grade — and it wasn't like Fred Mcculley, captain of the chess team, knew anything about kissing himself. Who knew how bad she kissed him? Embarrassment flooded her cheeks at the thought of his distraught expression after they kissed.

"Why are you sad? You didn't want to kiss me?" Justin sulked, his ego going down with his drooping posture.

"No! That's not it at all, Justin! It's the fact that I haven't kissed someone since tenth grade that has me crying! I probably gave you the worst kiss you've ever had," she whispered the last part faintly, but just enough for his dainty ears to hear. 

Justin's lengthy figures prodded at her waist, nibbling the sides of her tiny hips. A ginger laugh escaped her lips and a woft of air flung from her lungs as he tickled her harder. 

"W-what! Ahahaha! A-are you doing!?" Parvati was fidgety, bouncing around his bed, dodging his greedy finger tips while she tried to ignore his wicked grin that prickled his lips. He looked nice when he smiled, she thought whilst wiping away the excess tears that rested on her cheeks. She made no attempt to contradict herself — because she meant every thought that was rushing through her mind. He was handsome.

"You think I didn't enjoy the kiss?" Justin breathlessly whispered, hovering over her. The attack of the tickles relished off into the past and they now laid, intertwined almost, their bodies pressed tightly together. And oddly, Parvati didn't tense — she didn't even flinch. A slight tint of a blush scrambled across her cheeks, though. 

"Did you not hear me? I haven't kissed a guy since tenth grade," she murmured.

"Who was the lucky guy?"

"Fred Mcculley,"

"Hey! He.. he was the captain of the chess team? You aim high," Justin waggled his eyebrows, a exhausted giggle plummeting from her lungs. "And by the way, the kiss was great. It was the best kiss I've ever had. Want to know why?"

"Why?" She asked sarcastically, the thought of her kiss being one of the best making her inwardly scoff.

"Because it was with you," he whispered, a broad smile quivering his upper lip.  

A pack of butterflies flocked in the pit of her stomach, sending shivers rippling up her spine. Justin didn't avert his eyes away, he kept them blazing wildly down at her. She couldn't read his expression; or the way his eyes were glinting, but she could read her own emotions and they were running out of control, like a train that is about to derail. 

"I hope we can try it again sometime," flashing her yet another heart warming smile, he perched up, getting off the bed and turning towards the door. But not before Parvati said something that made every person on the beach down below freeze, that made Justin's world stop spinning, to make his emotions derail.

"Can you teach me how to kiss, Justin? I mean, it'd help the bet, wouldn't it?"

"It would," Justin nodded mindlessly, looking off into space at the image of him teaching her, kissing her soft warm lips that always plastered a nude color.

"So, then, okay!"

They both knew it wouldn't help the bet. But none of them were flailing their arms around, readying themselves to say it out loud.

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