75. Song

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I'm not really good with these things plus, I have a tenny weeny bit of innocence left in me so you won't get very dirty details. Sorry.

Elisa's P.O.V

His mouth was working like magic on mine. My body demanded air yet I didn't want to pull back. I didn't ever want to pull back.

Finally, he pulled back and I swamped my hand through my head, pulling my long hair back and panting hard.

I was still struck on the wall with my legs wrapped around Alec's waist as I stared down in his incredible eyes.

While I was taking in the much needed oxygen, he began placing wet kisses along the edge of jaw and moving towards my neck.

I moaned out loud as kissed me on my mark and felt his hardness at my core which turned me on. Everything was becoming hazy in my head.

I arched my throat to give him better access and teased him with my lips on his earlobe. I felt the wetness near my thighs.

He growled out, "I think we should go back in my room Alec." I said as I pulled back and kissed his cheek.

"Yeah, we should." He said as I untied my legs from his waist and slid down his body making him growl again, "You're gonna be a death of me." He said and before I could comeback with a sarcastic reply, he picked me up and went upstairs with his vamp speed.

He placed me on my bed and came in without wasting a moment and started kissing me.

I pushed him away to straddle him as we were both in sitting position and held his gaze, "If you make love to me for any reason and state it out again then I'll stake you myself." I said to him in a stern voice.

He laughed out loud, "I love it when you threaten me, it makes you look more hot than you already are." He said, "And there is only one reason why I'm sleeping with you and that is I love you." He said making my heart swell with love and glow to life.

"I'm okay with that reason because I love you too." I said and started unbuttoning his  black shirt.

I immediately slid him out of his shirt, threw it down on the floor and started running my fingers down his chest to his perfectly toned abs.

His muscles contracted under my fingers with each touch making me smirk as I felt his boner again.

He placed his hands on the hem of my t-shirt and threw it over my head.

The only barrier between our naked upper halves was my lacy bra which I didn't know who put on me.

He started kissing my clavicle tracing the path down till the valley of my breasts making me throw my head back but still he did not remove my bra. His hands roamed across my stomach to my back as if he was memorizing each and every inch of my skin causing to escape throaty sounds out of my mouth.

His mouth further moved down to my stomach leaving trails of kisses and tingles along the way just as I kissed his neck. My breath hitched with every kiss. This was a torture. A lovely torture.

"You're torturing me Alec." I breathed as he  kissed me on my mark again.

"You started this game littleone, I'm just merrily playing it." He whispered.

My hands went down to his pants and he sucked in a sharp breath.

I unbuttoned his pants and pushed him down on the bed with me on the top and attacked his mouth again.

Two can play a game Alec.

My mind was the turmoil of emotions with my hormones making me go crazy with the need I felt at my core. The same tightness I felt the first time in the shower with him.

But this time I knew what exactly it was.

Finally he unclasped the hooks of my bra and threw it away making my boobs spring out.

He grasped the left one in his hand and squeezed it making me moan out loud again.

I instinctively returned my hands to his pants and pulled them down, feeling his hot hard membrane on my jeans. He took no time to remove them as he swiped my hair back from my face.

He kissed the underside of my breasts, "Alec..." I moaned again and nearly shouted out loud when he sucked on my nipple.

He pushed me on my back and ripped my jeans apart leaving me only in my panties.

"Do you have any attachments to your undies?" He asked me looking in my eyes.

His eyes were mixed with emotions and passion, "None whatsoever." I whispered and in the next moment my panties were ripped off as well making me fully naked to him.

This time I was not embarrassed of him, instead I wanted his body aganist mine, I wanted his skin to touch every inch of mine. I wanted him to complete me just as I wanted to complete him.

"It won't hurt like last time." He assured, kissing me softy on my forehead.

"I know." I said as I brought his lips down on mine as he entered in me with full force making scream his name.

Everything in my body was vibrating as if in pressure and moving down to my core.

He interwined his fingers through mine tightly as I screamed his name in pleasure again.

I could feel it, feel it going down in my body in rush, "I'm coming." I shouted just as he did.

He was pulsating inside me and finally I released the pressure bubbled up in side me and felt his warmth filling me up as we both shouted in pleasure.

We both panted after we came together, "I love you littleone." He said kissing our interwined hands.

I smiled at him and pecked his lips, "I love you too Alec, I love you too." I said as he pulled himself out of me making me immediately miss his warmth.

I raked my hand through my hair to find a sticky and sighed, "I'm going to shower." I said.

"Good idea! Let's go." He said making me laugh out loud.

"I don't think we'll come out anytime soon if we go in there together." I said.

"We have all the time in the world." He said smiling as he picked me up and we both went inside to clean ourselves.

I was right indeed. We took way too much time by washing each other then making love inside shower again and then washing again.

By the time we were finished I was very tired. I found fresh sheets in the cupboard and we changed the old ones, throwing them in the laundry.

He wrapped me in his arms and pulled the sheets on us as I laid my head in the crook of his neck.

He kissed my hairline, "You're finally mine." He said as he ran soothing circles on my naked back.

I snuggled closer in his arms and kissed his neck, "I was yours the day I met you Alec Kincaid." I whispered finally drifting off to sleep.

Finally we were complete. Two halves joined together by the power of love.

Hi guys.

How was it? Because I don't really know how to express it the emotions and everything.

Honestly, it was very awkward to write and I was blushing the whole time lol.

Until then hugs and see ya.

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