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I forgot to mention that the Akita is my real dog. Bella does most of these things in this story and I just love the cute crazy furball. She is off to the side. I realized that Jez is my inner me. Even though she looks nothing like me, her personality is just like mine. I didn''t realize until I finally put her in words. I think this story has to be my favorite because of my puppy and my inner self put in here. I hope you like it :-)

I woke up sweating. I groaned as I felt Bella sprawled on my legs. No wonder I was sweating. This beast was killing me with her fur coat. I didn’t want to wake her so I tried to crawl out from under with no luck. I just guess I’ll have to kick her off.

“Oof!” I exclaimed. Bella stretched herself making me fall to the wooden floor. I scowled at the sleeping puppy.

I stomped out of my room to the kitchen. I sat at the table, beside my twin Jax, who was eating a bowl of different type of fruits.

“Cereal?” I asked yawning.

She shook her head as she said, “You need to cut back on all that sugar. You are starting to get a little flabby. Eat fruit.” She pushed her bowl towards me. I rolled my eyes. I am not getting fat. I stabbed a pineapple with her fork and sucked on it. Her face scrunched up in disgust and turned away. I laughed at her expression.

“KEEP IT DOWN IN THERE! I AM TRYING TO SLEEP!” My mom hollered from her bedroom. I stuck my tongue out in her direction even though she couldn’t see. My mother and I despised each other ever since I could remember. I don’t exactly know why but I was a daddy’s girl, even though he wasn’t around anymore.

“Why are you so immature? Can’t you ever be normal?” Ari said as she came into the kitchen. I scoffed at her. I was the one immature? I was the one not normal? Okaaaaaay. (Sense the sarcasm.) I got up from my spot to eat actual food.

“When you get home, we all have to talk,” Mom said to the three of us when we got to school. We nodded and said our goodbyes before we got out of the car. I looked up at B. Gerald School and sighed. Our town is so small that the elementary, middle, and high school are all in the same big building. I hate school, but I love learning.

I felt something hit my back. I turned to see some of my twin’s friends laughing at me. She didn’t even look at me, as if she didn’t know me. Even though I was used to the popular clique always picking on me and my sister sitting back, letting them torture me, I wanted to cry. I mean, who wouldn’t tear up a bit if your own flesh and blood hated you?

I pulled my hood up and walked inside the school away from my sister. Since I was a bit early I headed towards the library to check up on any new releases.

“Hello Jezable,” Mrs. Lenard welcomed me. “If you are looking for new books, I’m sorry I do not have any.”

I sighed, “Dang I need a new book. Thanks though Mrs. Lenard.” I walked towards the end of the shelves of the historical fiction. It was one of my favorite genres. I read almost every single one of them.

A book dropped at the end of the aisle. I went to go pick it up when another hand grabbed it. I looked up to see a boy staring at me with curiosity.

“Hello,” he said shyly. I smiled at his sweet, quiet, accented voice.

“Hi,” I said chirpily. “Are you new?” He shook his head. I scrunched my eyebrows together. I tried to remember a British boy in the school, but none came to mind. “Oh sorry, I guess I never seen you around.”

“Oh, no, I don’t go to this school. I was just visiting my aunt for the day,” he laughed a musical laugh. My heart fluttered at the noise. My eyes widened as I put a hand on my heart. What just happened? His smile faded. “Are you okay?” He asked with worry.

“Yes, I’m fine. So who is your aunt?”

“Mrs. Lenard is my aunt.”

My eyes widened again. I gasped, “Mrs. Lenard is your aunt? No way that’s so cool. She is the nicest person I know.”

He laughed again making my heart beat faster. He nodded, “Yes she is very sweet, but she can turn into the devil if I don’t do as she says. So I must be getting back. It was nice to meet you…”

“Jezable, but you can call me Jez. What is your name?” I asked.

He smiled secretly, “If we ever meet again I will tell you.” He turned and left me stunned. The boy was absolutely gorgeous.

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