Chapter I

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   Phineus was unsure how he felt about a girl laying in his brothers bed, let alone having her stripped down to her undergarments. Forget what he thought of it, what was Jason going to think when he saw her in his bed. Sure, she was in a bad condition, but he might think something else might have happened. That was the reason Phineus refused to put her in his own bed. He had bandaged her up after finding her unconscious in the woods, the poor girl had deep wounds they seemed to be from an animal or something of that nature. He couldn't have just let her die, the girl looked to have been a part of the army. Though her armor was beaten to hell and her clothing ripped into shreds, Phineus was surprised she was wearing anything at all. He decided to take her to the general in the morning. He checked her pulse once more before preparing himself for bed. She seemed to be breathing normally at least and her pulse was fine.

  Just as Phineus was about to climb into bed, she made a sound which alarmed the brunette, she'd been completely silent, he would have forgotten she was there if it wasn't for his deep concern for her. It was the first noise he'd heard from her since finding her in the woods. The young man walked over to her, staring at her wounds. Her eyes fluttered open as if she was merely asleep. Her stormy gray eyes met his dark green ones before she let out a scream. He tumbled backwards, falling onto the floor. "Where am I? W-why am I nearly naked? Who are you? What's your problem?" She yelled out at him. He shook his head trying to think of what to say. "N-no, it's not what it looks like. I would you in the woods, and I thought it might be a good idea to try and help you. I was going to return you to the general first thing in the morning..." He stammered to his feet, smiling politely at her.

   "You didn't answer me, who are you? And where am I?" The girl asked, attempting to sit up, but she immedeintly regretted it, she whinced in pain before laying back down. "Ph-phineus..." He reasponded to her question with a bright, confident smile. She stared at him not immpressed in the slighted, it didn't chip away at his confidence at all. Phineus didn't care what she thought, he was talking her to the general the next day anyways. "Well, I told you who I am, so what about you?"

  "My name, why should I tell you? I don't know if I can trust you." She growled at him. The brunette shook his head. "I saved your life, plus do I really look that strong to you? I'm just lucky you're not that heavy...though I had to ditch your amor..." He rubbed the back of his neck, embarassed by his weakness. The girl glared at him. "You stripped me in the forest? Don't you realize that makes you even more suspisuos. Phineus sighed, looking down. "I didn't want to...I just wanted to help you..." His face was red from embarassment. "I didn't want to just walk away from you and let you die...wouldn't you do the same? If you saw someone from your kingdoms army dying?" She was about to say something, but quickly silenced herself. "Well?" The man inquired. "No." She responded firmly, hinting that he shouldn't push her any farther. Phineus looked down. "Hey, you can trust me. The most I can do is throw a book at you." When he said that she looked around, noticing the sword in the corner. "Oh really? You seem to be eqipped with weaponery. He shook his head. "No, that's Jason's, my brother, he's training to be in the gaurd. She chuckled. "Good luck to him..." She said, sounding a bit shaken up by it. He figured pressing on it wasn't a good idea. "You should get some can tell me your name in the morning..." He sat on his bed. "Night, mystery lady." He laid down and stared at the ceiling until she spoke up. "Phineus."

"Yes, ma'm?"

"Call me, Cora...please...I've realized you would have killed me by now."



"Thank you for trusting me Cora..."

"How old are you kid?"

  "I'll be twenty tomorrow actually, but not like it matters. My older brother is going to force me into going the town farm..." He sighed softly. Cora chuckled. "You know, you don't have to do that. What do you want Phineus?"

   Phineus wasn't exactly strong, everyone always looked down on him for it, you can't get by if you can't work they'd always tell him, even his older brother Jason would yell at him for not pulling his weight. Phineus never really took interest in slaving his life away in this town forever, he wanted to see what the world had to offer. Jason had been training for the royale gaurd, which is why he wasn't home much. Phineus was always reading, he wanted to know everything there was to know. He was skinny, he had light brown hair with hints of red in it, his dark green eyes were shown like emeralds. Dispite his lack of strength the girls in the village always found themselves drawn to him and his brother, moreso Jason of course. He was strong, his bright red hair was always slicked back, his green eyes where like perfectly cut gems. It only makes sense that girls wanted someone like him, but Phineus had the girls that didn't want Jason. He wasn't intrested in the slightest, love didn't strike him as important. He always thought a wife would hold him back from exploring and try to force him into laboring away all day everyday. He had to explain that to her, somehow. "I...want to travel..."

"Me too..."

"Then why are you in the army?"


"Huh? What do you mean? Was your father in the force?"


"Your mother?"

"No, none of my family members where."

"Then why?"

   "...Don't worry about it..." Phinues sat up. "What do you mean don't worry about it?" He demanded, not meaning to. She sighed. "It's none of your bussiness. Look, Phineus you seam like a nice kid, but you helped me that's it."

"I know...I'm sorry for pushing you." She sighed. "I'll see you in the morning Phineus."

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