Chapter 7

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"What do you think?" Bianca said, twirling around with her arms open with a huge smile.

"Wait... Don't talk... to me now... or you'll see... my breakfast..." Eliza tried to stand, but her wobbly legs wouldn't allow her. Giving up, she stayed on the ground and concentrated on keeping the contents of her stomach inside. "You really didn't buy your license?" she shot at Bianca, glaring at the redhead.

"You already asked that!" The girl pouted, but there was a smile when she pulled her wallet and waved her temporary driver's license with pride. "I might have pulled some strings, but I did pass the test! Take a look at my license!"

Still on the ground, Eliza stated at the smiling redhead, her heart still beating wildly from the car trip. She liked that smile, but right now, it pissed her. Without warning, she grabbed the license, turned it around a few times and then held it against the sun.

"It's real alright... but after that seeing you driving, it makes me wonder if you really passed the driving test or simply didn't pull some strings again."

"Stop that! You make it sound like I drive like a maniac. It wasn't even that scary," Bianca complained, but she never met Eliza's eyes.

"It wasn't that scary?" she repeated the words slowly. The urge to scream her frustrations gave the girl strength. "Not only you drove like you were trying to get your mother out of the gallows, you were sewing the cars like we were on a bike! But the worst was when you tried to pass that truck. I thought my heart would stop working!"

Bianca watched her with a blank expression. Then, as Eliza recovered her breath, the redhead smiled and waved her hand to dismiss the complaints. "We got here safe and sound and in time to enjoy the rest of the day. You should be thanking me and not worrying about those details."

"My life isn't a detail," Eliza muttered under her breath.

"Then next time you'll drive."

"I already told you I don't have the money for that."

"That's right... I forgot you spent what was left of your money on that," Bianca said, eying the trunk of the car. "You even made us stop to buy it... it was because of the time you wasted choosing that I had to drive like that."

"Don't put the blame on me. And I'm not having this discussion again. We need firework for Saint John."

"I can't believe you like this holiday this much." Bianca shaking her head, but made no effort to hide her smile. "More important than that, what do you think?"

"Hey, I'm not done complaining..." Eliza lost words when she saw what Bianca wanted to show. "Holy shit... It's huge... You told me it was huge, but this is more like a beach mansion. I knew your family had money, but this is absurd."

"That's the reaction I wanted!" The redhead showed a huge smile as she offered a hand to Eliza. The girl accepted it but even after she stood up, she didn't let go of Bianca's hand. "And by the way, it's my grandpa's. He's the one with real money in the family."

"Our definitions of money are different." Eliza looked around, admiring the house. "My grandpa has a beach house too. Probably a fourth the size of this one, but it was fun going on summer vacation with all my cousins."

"Sounds fun... spending the summer with you," Bianca muttered the last part, the sly smile on her lips.

"Kinda." Eliza made no comment on the last part, but as she recalled her childhood, there was a smile forcing itself on her. "It was fun playing with everyone at the beach and the pool. But try sleeping with 10 kids in a tiny bedroom. I used to wake up with a toe up my nose. And when the first of us woke, the rest awoke too, stepping on the rest of us on the way out. And it was hell when the air conditioning broke." Eliza shook her head to stop the memories. Bianca, on the other hand, laughed. "We played from morning until sunset and only came back to the house to eat."

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