13: Snowball

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Important Note to Old Readers:

This is not a new chapter; I have split up Chapter 12 (Snow Angels) into two parts because it was too long in comparison to the length of my usual chapters. The second half of Chapter 12 has now become Chapter 13 and I have hence updated the numbering of all the chapters that follow.

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"A snowball in the face is surely the perfect beginning to a lasting friendship."

― Markus Zusak, The Book Thief

13: Snowball

The rest of the break went by unexpectedly. The more I became accustomed to Eduardo's company, the more I became fond of it. Michelle, him and I did a lot over the week.

I began practicing my violin more and more, despite leaving it untouched all these years and I'd forgotten how much I loved it. I learnt more about the both of them and I was surprisingly enjoying myself.

Most of the time, we'd just sit in the library and study. We'd leave books open all over the desk, sneak in coffees and study in silence. Well... Michelle and I would. Eduardo would always find a way to start procrastinating, either by watching the snow fall outside or watch videos on his laptop.

He was lucky. All the myths I'd heard about Eduardo were true and I'd suddenly be a witness to it. What Michelle and I took an hour to learn and study, Eduardo could easily take ten minutes. He was sharp and he had a quick memory. We were different in many ways.

"You play so beautifully," Eduardo said as I put my violin down. Secret Santa was tomorrow and the entire room was completely messy and unprepared – of course the duty fell on us to clean up. Children were hurrying around, finishing presents for each other and everyone was ecstatic. I could see Michelle from the corner of my eye rushing to stop the kids from creating too much havoc and felt sort of bad for her – it was hilarious to watch though.

"Really Dixie, it's really incredible you can do that. An entire story told through music."

I laughed – he was giving me far too much credit. "Thanks Eduardo."

"I'm not kidding, you should really know that you do play well," he said. "It sucks but sometimes you need other people's reassurance more than your own."

I paused in thought. "What makes you think that?"

"Experience," he shrugged. "I never thought my Art or drawings were worth anything until my mother forced me to think they were."

So many thoughts were running through my mind at the moment. Of course I wouldn't mention it to Eduardo but it was the first time I was learning something real and new about him – something that wasn't to do with Armin, or what other people said and thought, or his reputation.

"Oh," I said slowly, trying to play it cool. "That's very sweet. I didn't realize you drew. What do you draw?"

"Yeah, well my ma encouraged it a lot growing up. I loved characters, from countless cartoons and tv shows. Nowadays I just draw what I see from Game of Thrones," he chuckled sheepishly. "It's kind of weird but me and her really both love the show. So I send her what I draw and she sends me back what she thinks. Usually she loves it. Of course, there is the rare occasion."

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