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"Oh god I can barely walk." Hoseok complained, searching his pockets for his keys.

"Any slower hyung? Your not the only one who feels like their going to pass out." Jungkook said, wiping his sweaty forehead with the 95 liners also agreeing.

What felt like an eternity later, Hoseok finally got the key into the key hole and their dorm's door swung open.

"I call shower!" Taehyung shouted before running and locking himself inside the bathroom. Hoseok, Jimin, and Jungkook all loudly groaned before going over to the living room. Hoseok and Jimin felt their legs give out as they threw themselves onto the couch. Jungkook had just settled on lying on the floor.

It was silent for about a minute before feet were heard entering the room. They all tilted their head towards the owner of the feet, when they were met with a very sick like Jin.

"How was practice?" Jin's raspy voice asked. They all grimanced at how bad their hyung sounded but didn't say anything knowing how much Jin hates being sick.

"Exhausting." Jimin answered, head lolled back on the couch.

"When is it not?" Jin laughed but it soon turned into a horrible coughing fit.

"I heard running when you guys came in so I guess Taehyung called the shower." The boys groaned, Taehyung takes long showers, "So where's Namjoon?" Jin asked. Hoseok had his eyes closed, fighting to not accidentally fall aleep, but he still had enough strength to answer, "Studio."

Jin nodded, knowing how much Namjoon has been working in there lately.

"What about Yoongi hyung?" It was Jungkook's turn to ask.

The only reason Jin and Yoongi hadn't gone to practice was because they were sick. Although Yoongi's fever broke yesterday, he was given an extra day just in case.

As if Jungkook's queation was on cue, they all heard a door quietly open and a set of feet coming into the living room.

"Daddy..." Yoongi softly asked, rubbing his eye. He had been taking a nap when noise outside had woken him up.

Everyone turned their head towards Yoongi, and it was probably not the best decision because the slightest movement made them groan in pain. Yoongi's eyes shot open at that.

"Your back!" Yoongi widely smiled before running towards the couch. Yoongi was about an inch away from jumping on top of Hoseok and Jimin when Jin had quickly reacted by grabbing Yoongi's waist and pulling him back against his chest. Yoongi innocently tilted his head up at Jin, wondering why he was stopped.

"The boys just got back from practice baby. Their all sweaty and yucky right now and I don't want you going near them, you already had a bath earlier." Jin explained. Yoongi scrunched up his nose as he cutely repeated "Yucky!" and shook his head. But unfortunately a thing everyone learned about Little Yoongi was that more than half of the time, he didn't like to pay attention.

Yoongi freed himself from where he was being held in place in Jin's arms and bent down on the floor. Yoongi sat down on his knees on top of Jungkook's legs, fortunately the younger only letting out a tiny wince of pain. Jin sighed and shook his head. This kid. You tell him to not go near them and that'a the first thing he does. At least he's not hugging them.

"Kookie can we play?" Yoongi asked quietly while looking down and playing with Jungkook's fingers. Everyone stared at Jungkook wondering what he was going to say. No one has ever turned down Yoongi's offer of playing, maybe because it's too good to pass up. But then again they had never been asked when they couldn't even feel half their body.

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