she left

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this gc is dead (8)

koeun : hey sorry for disturbing
koeun : but did ya'll see herin she's missing since morning

hina : eonnie
hina : she has left

koeun : ah right
koeun : i forgot

lami : .

hina : that's okay we can relate

koeun : sometimes i still can hear her voice around

hina : i dreamt about her last night


koeun : by the way who is the one who changed our gc name?
koeun : read by 4

haechan : me
haechan : no offense but this gc is dead for real
haechan : the ships are dead too lmao

hina : right
hina : i coughed when i open this gc
hina : this gc is full of dirt

jaemin : wait did herin leave?
jaemin : NO ONE TELL ME

koeun : jaemin just focus on your treatment and get well soon

jaemin : fine thanks.

haechan : she leaves and i don't have an oppotunity to say goodbye to her
haechan : at least, i want to tease her for the last time

mark : hello

jeno : hello

jeno : jisung is sleeping

lami : no one asked

koeun : guys i'm sad i'm literally going around to find her again
koeun : it really feels like she's still with us

mark : sometimes her british accent still going around my mind

hina : ahdhsj cups? its kinda late skdueiksb d fin a tin?

mark : ^it sounds like that

koeun : shut up mark your english is hard to understand too

mark : hehe

jeno : sometimes i still can smell the brownies burnt

jaemin : what a trauma

haechan : yes good ol days
haechan : i actually missed that time

lami : well but you're the one who make fun about her brownies

haechan : yes and she's not even responding i was scared

koeun : she might think about murdering you

haechan : ^that's why i'm scared

hina : lami cried so much lately

koeun : right :(
koeun : herin left her minnie mouse doll at the dorm and whenever lami see it, she cried.

jeno : ouch

lami : that doll reminds me about her last night at the dorm
lami : she was packing her stuff while crying
lami : she said in english, 'it's okay, it's okay, this means i get to see my family and millie.....i miss them so much, right? it's okay.....everything happens for a reason..'

haechan : MY HEART HURTS

mark : .......

hina : i heard that too...

koeun : that time she refused my hug
koeun : i was crying too

mark : i feel so bad to not saying goodbye

jeno : ah herin

lami : we are so close to debuting but things change
lami : we are not who we used to be without herin

koeun : right
koeun : seeing my friends left one by one breaks my heart

hina : being smrookies doesn't mean you will debuting on sm
hina : sad truth

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