They Just Don't Know It Yet

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Love was something she had saw in movies. Love was something that she read about in the local papers, about how Mr. and Mrs Berrymore had been married for over sixty years and were planning on keeping it going for as long as life support would let them. She had never even had a crush before, except for one of the Beatles band members, but hadn't everyone obsessed over one of them in their lifetime? But, never in her life did she feel those erotic butterflies that authors boast about every sentence they get. Sure, she got a sick feeling in her stomach when around a guy, but it never compared to the way her stomach flew around like a kite when she read each word to Justin from the ivory pages of her newest Nicholas Spark's book. It wasn't a sick feeling she got when she read to Justin, it didn't make her want to tread to the bathroom in mercy. The feeling she got was almost hypnotic, like her stomach was a hot air balloon ready to take off. Don't get her wrong, though — Parvati Hope Jones did not love Justin Drew Bieber. But she couldn't classify him as a friend when she'd blush every time he'd accidentally touch her hand as she read or how she had despicable dreams of him and her in the depths of the night. Every time their skin touched it was like the words that gathered in her throat all bounded together, coming out as a speech impediment or a nervous squeak. Parvati had developed a crush. It just happened eighteen years short. This was her first crush that wasn't just a thin piece of poster material like the Beatles poster she had hung on her ceiling. Justin was real. All real. But then she was reminded with the cold hard truth — this was all a bet. A bet that two eighteen year old's formed so the other one had bragging rights. It was a bet. Nothing more. At least, that's what they thought.

"And when she looked up at me - it was then that I knew I was in love," Parvati choked out as her eyes got misty with precipitation. A cloud of red loomed over her irises that were protected with black sleek glasses. "That was so romantic!"

Justin chuckled, his bare stomach heaving in multitudes of air before it fled out of him in one swift movement. "Not really, I mean, he didn't even explain what he loved around her. He could have made it deeper," he breathed out, flustered that she thought those few simple words were romantic. 

"Oh ya? And once you fall in love with a girl what would you say? If you were truly in love you couldn't possibly name all the things you loved about her," she replied, snuggling deeper into the satin duvet as she fingered the cardboard cover of the book. 

Justin smiled inwardly, happy that she wasn't acting shy or snarly. Those were basically the two personalities he had seen from Parvati, except for this one, her book personality — when she was truly happy and content about speaking to him without sputtering. 

"Ya but you could try."

"Whatever," she growled, her eyebrows peeking out from her matted bangs. 

They laid in silence, an imaginary light bulb lighting up above his thick head of hair.

"Tell me everything about you. Your most embarrassing moment, your happiest moment, your saddest moment. All of it," he turned onto his side, leaning his right cheek on his palm with innocence riddled into his expression.

"There have been many embarrassing moments," her eye lids swiveled shut as if she were reminiscing in the times of her ridicule. "I didn't have many friends in high school. I only had Ryan and Chaz, that's what kept me going. One time the most popular girl in school, Adrian Pierce, got everyone in school to throw food at me because I wouldn't let her copy off me on a math test."

Justin's mind drifted off to a place he barely recognized. There were lockers surrounding him, red lockers, people walking lethargically by him like a poorly filmed movie that's budget dropped to only ten thousand dollars. He felt something in his palm and it was soon flying right out of his grasp. It was his leftover pizza crust and he had thrown it at a brace faced, brown frizzy haired girl. Why? Because his girlfriend, Adrian Pierce, told him too. Who was he to refuse the hot brunettes request? Who was he to not stop and think about how it effected the tiny framed girl whom's hair had always been up in a ponytail? He didn't think. He just did. And till the day he was sprawled over his bed in the Bahamas, the moon glittering through the curtains where he laid on the bed with the same girl who he threw food at, he hadn't cared. Until he knew who she was. 

"That's your most embarrassing moment?" Justin asked, his heart swelling with guilt.

"Gosh, no," she laughed, waving her hand like that event was a molecule to the others. "But it doesn't matter now, right? I'm in university now, in Toronto, living a peaceful life with my cat, Huckleberry, while Adrian Pierce dances around on poles. I got the last laugh." 

Parvati turned from Justin, her eyelids drooping mildly. The mattress was sucking her in until the spell of sleep took over and made soft snores ooze from her chapped lips. The book fell from her tight grip, landing on the floor with a thump. But how could he sleep? How could he get an itch of rest knowing he was somewhat apart of her dreadful high school experience? How could she transform from that brace faced, high socks lonely girl to the beautiful girl he saw slumbering next to him? And suddenly, one thing came to his mind.

It was then that Justin Bieber wanted to know everything. From the good, the bad, to the ugly. He wanted to know everything about Parvati Hope Jones, the girl who made a bet with him just to get away from him. He wanted to make up for all the bad years that she went through so they would be just a hazy memory.

It was then that Justin Bieber fell for Parvati Jones. He tried to deny the feelings that welled inside of him, blaming the sudden attraction on the guilt he felt for her. But he couldn't get away from the dreams of him and her living together, kissing, making love that night. But this is just a bet for her, he thought to himself before his eyes slipped shut. And at that moment, she thought the exact same thing.

This was all a bet, right? None of it was real. 

But that night, it became entirely real for the two eighteen year olds whom were intertwined. They just didn't know it yet.

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