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“Maya…” I heard someone whisper the next morning. I buried my face deeper into Harry’s chest, trying to make the voices go away. I didn’t want to wake up yet. It was too early…

            “Maya…” it whispered again. Harry make them stop…

            I felt his two hands under the back of my t-shirt. They rubbed my back, making me more tired than I already was.

            “Come on babes, it’s time to wake up,” the voice said.

            “No…” I mumbled. I shook my head and put it in the crook of Harry’s neck. I felt him move his arms under my knees and around my back. He picked me up as he got out of bed and sat me back down upright on the side of the bed.

            “Mmm… I love you Harry…” I murmured, still half asleep.

            He took my hands in his and stood me up in front of him. My bare feet stepped onto his. He held me at my waist and I started to wake up. He kissed me slowly and gently and I felt my senses come back to life. He pulled away an inch, “I love you too.”

            I smiled and wrapped my arms around his neck. “Have I ever told you… how handsome you are?” I exhaled through my nose and felt Harry’s hands move to the small of my back underneath my t-shirt.

            “You know, once or twice…” he teased.

            “Oh, well that’s not good at all…” I replied smiling. He moved his face closer to mine.

            “I still love you though,” he whispered. I slightly nodded, making our noses hit each other’s. I closed my eyes and he pulled away to kiss my nose.

            “Aww, Harry!” I said smiling. I hugged him around his neck and stayed like that.

            We heard a knock at the door, “Harry and Maya! It’s Liam, and I hope you two realize it’s almost three ‘o clock. Are you listening to me?”

            “Uh huh!” Harry called.

            “Get out of bed!” Liam called back.

            “We are!” I exclaimed and Harry pulled me closer to him and kissed me again. Liam continued telling us stuff but we weren’t listening. I was too focused on kissing him. Liam called something out and then the door opened.

            “Come on you two!” he exclaimed, us both breaking apart from each other. “Don’t make out while I’m talking to you…”

            “Sorry Li,” I mumbled looking at the floor.

            “What are we doing today Liam?” Harry asked.

            “We’re going out, all nine of us, so get ready! There some food for you downstairs, but I would go quickly or else Niall will eat it all. Okay? Chop, chop, we want to leave soon!”

            He turned around and left our room, leaving the door wide open. He was such a dad sometimes.

            “Well I guess that means we have to get changed…” I said looking up at Harry. He went over to close the door.

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