Sooo~ guess what? X3

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Shiro: Hallo, Reader, dear, please, take a sit!

*U take a sit... Please?*

Shiro: okay then, shall we begin? Let me tell you a story! It's quite unique, I may add, listen closely


Shiro: This is the story of two young girls, interesting, isn't it? The story begins as any other! Two girls, one moody and one wild, two different people yet alike, they shared and cherished their peaceful lives, where they grateful? You may ask-

Kuro: Shiro.... Wtf child? What are you doing to the poor reader?

Shiro: Telling a story! Hush and put your ass in a chair!

Kuro: *Glances at you* Sorry, she's been like this for a while now... *Sits* so?

Shiro: *Cough* they where grateful, indeed, and they tried very hard, to find something special their minds could craft-

Kuro: Ya running outta ideas, aren't ya?

Shiro: Shushhhh *Cough* The two young ladies decided to start a wonderful project to occupy time, but despite other's words they grew fond of the hobbie, what an interesting story!

Kuro: Not really-

Shiro: And so they began, what a wonderful tale, writing their thoughts in stories to entertain! And thus is how this very book came to life! Despite the crappy writing it is fond to their hearts~

Kuro: Oh God, Shiro... Now I want to punch myself to death

Shiro: That ain't new so I'll just wrap your fists again ^^

Kuro:.... U little-

Shiro: We are family friendly!

Kuro: Have you seen our book?!

Shiro:.... Okay, ya got me there...

Kuro: *Sigh* So *Turns to you* I tried to get her to tell ya this simply but she's a-

Shiro: A wonderful autor who loves y'all and wanted to write!

Kuro: I was gonna say drama queen but okay, I guess... Anyway, wanna tell them now? This is already about 304 words long...

Reader: *Sweat drops and turns to dumba- I mean, Shiro*

Shiro: Rude! So, basically, we are writing a second one shot book!

Kuro: *Forced dramatic gasp* *absolutely dead inside tone*Oh boy how exciting

Shiro: Check it out *Remorseless self promotion*

Kuro: I was asleep before this...

Shiro: So that's why you're moody!

Kuro:.... I'll kill you when I see you...

Shiro: * Internal screaming* ⊙ω⊙""""""  SEE YAA!!!

Kuro: *Genuinely smiles at you* Bye bye~

Reader: *Nervous sweating* *Leaves slowly*

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