Chapter Four: Leaving

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Lucy's POV
I woke up to the sound of soft snoring and heavy breathing. "Huh? Where am I?"

The person besides me stifled a yawn, and I realized it was Mirajane. "Mira," I whispered softly. "Wake up!"

"Huh? What? Fifty pancakes coming right up, Droy..." Then her eyes focused in on me.

"LUCY!! You're AWAKE! Wahhhh!" Mira cried anime tears as she leaped at me and hugged me to death.

"Uh, Mira? What happened?" I asked confused.

She looked away with regret on her face. "Lisanna... injured you badly."

"What?" I said, shocked.

"It's all my fault!!" Mira bursted into tears. "If only I hadn't offered to host Droy's pancake eating contest, then I wouldn't have been stuck in the kitchen making pancakes and I could've helped!!"

I sweat-dropped. "U-um it's okay, I was only out for a day, right?"

"The injuries were pretty bad, even Wendy and Porlyusica tried their best to help. Even then, you were still out for a week."

"A-a WEEK?! That long?" I groaned. "And what about Natsu?" Even saying his name hurt a bit.

"Still dating Lisanna. The f*cking a*shole! I f*cking swear I will beat the sh*t out of those b*tches!!" Mira let out a string of curses for about five minutes.

"Well, I'm gonna go outside to tell everyone I'm fine!" I have Mira a fake smile.

She returned a smile and I got up to leave. "Lucy, be careful," I heard her say.

I laughed in my head thinking, why would I need to be careful in the guild hall?

As I stepped in, I noticed glares shooting in my direction. Murmurs filled the room, and I looked for Levy.

Finally, I spot her. "Levy-chan! Over here!"

She glared at me. "Why would I want to be seen with you, weakling?"

I was shocked. She was my best friend, the real Levy wouldn't say that to me!

"Levy-chan, why would you-"

"Levy-chan?" She threw her head back and laughed. "As of now, I'm not your friend, WEAKLING! Now get out of my face!"

I walked away, hurt. Then I saw Erza sitting at a table eating her strawberry cake.

"Hey Erza! I'm back and alive!" I tried to joke.

She turned around and glared at me. "Nobody, I mean NOBODY gets in the way of me eating my precious cake. And I don't care if you're dead or alive."

Well, that went great, I thought. Finally, I saw the person I once loved. The person who then took the opportunity and stomped on my heart. A certain pink-haired dragon slayer.

"Natsu," I whispered so quietly, not even the nearest people could hear. But he still turned around and saw me.

"What do you want, weakling?" He spat. "You aren't even worthy of saying my name!"

As he said that, all of my hope went straight out the window. He was the one person I could trust the most, but not now, and not ever again.

Timeskip: Two months later... (at the guild doors)

Lucy's POV
I couldn't take it anymore. First, they were calling me names like, weakling, The B*tch, Stupid, Slut, stuff like that. Then they started getting physically abusive as well. Whenever I walked into the guild, everyone besides Mira, Wendy, Carla, Lily, and Happy would attack me. At the end of each day, I would walk home covered in bruises, cuts, and gashes. Wendy, of course, would try to help heal me, but I would tell her not to tire herself out. And this has been going on for two months. Master seems to have turned a blind eye, apparently.

I sighed as I walked in. As if on cue, Gray, Erza, and Lisanna jumped up and started hitting me with their magic.

"Weakling, you don't deserve to be in Fairy Tail!" Gray said. "Ice Make: Lance!"

The ice hit me and I crashed into the wall, creating a huge hole.

"Get lost! Nobody wants you here!" Lisanna sniggered. "Animal Soul: Cat!!"

The attack hit me head on, and all I managed to do was gasp in pain.

"Heavens Wheel: Blumenblatt!" Ezra shouted.

Her swords slashed at me, and I didn't try to dodge them. My cuts stung with pain as I tried to stand up. Wendy rushed over to help.

"Wendy, why would you help a weakling like her, when you could be strong like me?" A certain voice said. Natsu.

Wendy stood up and I realized she had tears running down her face. "What happened to the guild that treasures their nakama? What happened to all of you?"

"Wendy, it's alright. I'm fine!" I reassured her.

"No you're not! Everyday, you get closer to death because of how they've been treating you!" She yelled.

I was touched by how much she cared for me, but it wouldn't be smart to go against the whole guild now. "Trust me Wendy, it's okay," I whispered to her quietly.

Then I turned around and faced the guild. "Maybe not now, and maybe not tomorrow, but someday, I swear I will get revenge on all of you!"

I heard disbelieving laughs and murmurs. The loudest ones were coming from Team Natsu.

"Revenge? She can't even throw a punch!" Gray guffawed.

"Haha, I'd like to see her try, the weakling," Erza laughed.

"The B*tch isn't even worthy of being a mage!!" Lisanna scorned. She walked over to me and scratched the guild mark on my hand so it bled.

I slowly got up, wincing in pain. "Mira, where's master?"

She had tears in her eyes. "Upstairs," she sniffles.

I slowly walked up the stairs, being extremely careful of my wounds. When I got to his office, I knocked on the door three times.

"Come in," Master said gruffly.

I came in and he noticed my wounds. "Lucy, what happened?"

I ignored his question and said flatly, "I want to leave the guild."

He froze for a minute, then recovered. "What? Why?"

I explained everything to him, and I could see the regret in his eyes. "I didn't know this was happening in my guild. I'm so sorry!"

"The damage is done. I am leaving no matter what," I demanded.

"Of course, Lucy." He waved his hand over mine and muttered some words. My guild mark disappeared.

"Good-bye, Master," I said as I limped out the door. "I will probably visit, someday."

I could hear Makarov sobbing behind me and Mira still sniffling as I walked down the stairs.

The first thing she noticed was my hand. "L-Lucy? You're g-guild mark..."

She dissolved into tears once more. Unfortunately, Team Natsu also noticed and were smirking widely. Natsu himself just stood there with a frown on his face as if he was trying to remember something.

I finally made it to the door, and said into silence, "I hope you're happy now, Fairy Tail."

I walked out, and awaited my new future apart from Fairy Tail, the traitors.

Hey... okay, this is awkward. I'm not sure if I want this story to become one of those cliche Fairy Tail Revenge stories, or develop my own plot. I definitely don't want Lucy to join Sabertooth tho, cuz to HELL with Stinglu. You came here for Nalu, and I'm gonna give that to you. That's a promise I'm planning on keeping. Anyway, plz comment and help me decide the story plot. Thx a million for reading this crappy story! Baii<3


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