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"Jay." I cried as another contraction hit.

"You can do this baby, I know you can." He said as I squeezed his hand. 

"You're almost done baby, I'm so proud of you."

"Okay Mia, on your next contraction I need you to push."

I barely had time to register her words when the next one hit.

"That's it baby, push.  Good girl."

"Okay Mia, again." The midwife instructed.

"That's it Mia, the heads out.  Just one more push okay?"

I was exhausted, but at least the pain had stopped.  "What is it Jay?" I asked excitedly.

"We have a little girl baby, you gave me a little girl."

His voice was thick with emotion and he was swiping away his tears. 

"She's as beautiful as her mother."

Jay cut the cord and I caught a quick glimpse of dark hair as the midwife whisked her to the examination table.

"Is she okay?" I asked nervously when I realised I hadn't heard her cry. 


I heard it just before the panic consumed me. 

"She's perfect baby, she's so fucking perfect."

I laid back on the bed and waited for the midwife to finish her exam and then she was placed on my chest.  I studied every tiny detail, before looking up to Jay.  When I saw the way he was looking at her, my emotions surfaced.

"You did good baby." Jay whispered against my lips.  "I'm so proud of you."

"She's so beautiful Jay.  I don't think I've ever seen something so precious.  I love her so much already."

"She's our little one Mia, she'll always be loved.  She deserves it just as much as you."

The midwife came in a few minutes later to perform her second exam.

"Is everything okay?" Jay asked as he watched her.

"Everything's fine." The midwife assured him.  "You have yourself one healthy little 6lb girl." Jays relief mirrored mine.  "Have you named her yet?" She asked.

Jay and I looked at each other and smiled.  "Ava Rose Williams." He said proudly.

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