You grew on me [Law x Reader]

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You stirred in bed and frowned, not feeling the warmth that had kept you there that night. Slowly opening your eyes, you scanned the room searching for the man that should be beside you.

Law sat on the piano bench, his bare back to you and his hands carefully caressing the white keys. Your confusion only grew, your eyebrows almost touching at that point.

You observed him. He was in deep thought. That man... he would always be a mystery to you. His heart had been broken in so many pieces it would be impossible to put them all back together. And yet he had opened up to you, maybe in a suicidal attempt to finally find peace with himself, with the world.

Who knew.

"Good morning, handsome." You said, his back muscles tensing up before relaxing once again. He turned around and flashed you a small smile.


You stood up and made your way to him, standing in between his legs and brushing his hair with your right hand. He took that hand and intertwined his fingers with yours, giving it a little squeeze afterwards.

"You okay?"

He nodded, humming an indecipherable song as your other hand made its way to his hair and stroked it.

You observed him carefully. Law had always worried you. Even with all the tattoos and the tough guy exterior, he was just a broken man. You had set your mind in gluing his pieces back together, but still... Sometimes you were scared he would just disappear. Maybe jumping off the submarine in the middle of a storm or drugging himself to death. You could never tell his state of mind. The man was a closed book 90% of the time.

Your captain remained in the same position, his hand traveling up and down your naked back, brushing his fingers against your skin.

"I've been thinking..." He started, his husky voice giving you goosebumps.

"About?" You wondered as his gaze collided with yours, his hand still traveling up and down your back in a straight line.

"I'm not the best at expressing my feelings, that is clear," he slightly frowned, "and I've been thinking about how I can change that, at least with you."

You raised an eyebrow. You had definitely not been expecting that.

"And you know how now?" You asked, a tender smile decorating your lips as you brushed a string of hair from his forehead. He nodded.

You noticed his humor was incredibly good that morning and hoped and guessed that it was due to him not having nightmares anymore. He had been sleeping peacefully for a week now. Even the characteristic bags under his eyes were starting to fade.

"I wrote you a song."

A song? Law? Freaking Trafalgar D. Water Law, the surgeon of Death, had written you a song? You were shocked to say the least.

"Okay, who are you and where is my boyfriend?" You asked.

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