Part 1 - Revoking

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It is so empty.

You can even hear the sound of air or your own breathing in that class.

" It's so hard keeping this legacy who you don't even know what it looks like. "

Those are the words that hovering in Don's brain. He just want to have a normal life in normal campus in the normal world. Getting a girlfriend and graduate. Attending a party and doing stupid things in his 20s. Playing video games or just race with motorcycle. Just a little dreams that everyone in their puberty want to realize. Don has that too.

Instead doing some fun things, he sit in the back of this empty class, seeing the other side of class with dead eyes. Counting and rhyming the ticking of broken clock which is hanging in wall. The only one who has many sounds is his mind at that time. Those imagination keeps blocking her vision and chaining him into stagnant state. Like a solid rock. Banging his brain to release all the chain. But he can't.

As time starts changing slowly, the sunset's light shines into the classroom. The ray of light travel as fast as possible through the cracked windows. Making a clear condition inside that classroom. Dust almost covered unused chair and table that is arranged into one shape block, it also covered some portion of the floor. It's like a joyful sand-ground. Although you cant even meet a sand fairy because it didn't exist at first time.

Don also hear some mosquitoes flying around like a timeless orchestra. No intro, no coda or no bridge. They don't bound with some rules. As a freedom strikes in to their heart. A song with no rules of playing or singing. Look, how happy they are.

Don looks lazily at clock, mumbling many cursing words. His patience grows short. When he want to stomp his feet angrily, someone breaks the class' door. His figure and face is blocking the sunlight, showing a silhouette of unknown person. But the power itself already tells Don who actually he is.

As Don look cynically to that person, he said,

" Way to go. Sure, you believe we have much budget to repair that door, don't you Roy? "

Roy wipes his forehead. As sweat drops into the ground like a raindrops. His breathe sounds not regular. Sometimes sounds so heavy but sometimes you can hear a high-pitched voice after that breathing. It's like an asthmatic person when they stay in cold place.

Then Roy put back the door in the first place. Placing it uselessly, because it can't stick again in the hinge. Roy tries it many times with his amplified power but it just breaks the wooden side of the door. Don just look at him with more cynically face.

" This guy is really persistent.. "

It takes more than fifteen trial to decrease Roy's will. He feels tired and just sit on the floor. His back touches the wall. It feels so cool as he rub his back many times.

" So, why does it take forever? " Don asks.

Roy hesitate then answer his question,

" I met this mob again. "

" Ah. Classic story.. "

Don already know that this guy, Roy, is a hot-blooded person who has his fist more than his head. He has no clean sheet about his attitude and he always makes trouble since he born. Sometimes he makes trouble in his normal sense or not. Yeah seeing his sharp eyebrow, his maroon eye who looks like a beast blood and his little smile who has no intention showing no mercy. Even a kids will feel terrified and insecure.

As the member of Amateur Detective Club in his campus, Don can't reject the friendship or the club-ship with this fighting-beast. Although he already tells many times into Roy's sense, he just dense like a solid stone. Repeating like an old tape.

Well, this club has no improvement from months before. Basically because they are sort out of members and one of the members prefer cracking someone head than cracking a case. And the other one is Don, can't do that by himself because of his special condition.

Don gives Roy an white envelope which has a sign of their campus. A formal stamp.

" Just read it. " Don said.

He opens the envelope and take the only one letter out. The letter is full of formal words and a common signature in the right bottom corner.

" We're gonna get disbandment? " Roy surprised.

Don nod calmly.

He feels guilty too.

But then Roy smiles toward Don. He tap his shoulder. As a happiness can be seen in his face. It's rare. It's like one to million treasure. But sure, this guy must has something awesome. 

" Look, I have an idea to make your brain works again. When this really works, you can help this club to crack many cases with your brilliant observation. I get this information from black market information trading in the previous mob I dropped in.. "

Don sighs.

" No, Roy. It just needs one case to save our club from disbandment. I'm gonna say it now, Roy, after we can crack this case, I'm gonna leave. "

" So the last case means your resign letter? "

" Yeah, I think so. "

Roy feels weak in his feet. Although his bones trembled but he can keep his legs. The letter is blown by a calm wind that past through the broken door. It drops in the floor with no sound at all. Roy grab it again and they don't talk at all. Just a silent wind move in the free room. 

Don himself want to break from his shell, living the college student should do. Not rotting in this place with stagnant state and no improvement. As maybe this is gonna be his departure. But Don also has his manner, he will save his club first then he can continue his own saga.

" Sure, bro. " Roy answers hardly.

He change his mood as a serious talks will occur after this.

" So, back to topic, I know who can make your brain works again ! "

" We already tried many things. A shocking heart, a motivational video, even a freakin vitamins. What can possibly we miss, man? What? " Don answered impatiently.

" Not 'what' , bro. Actually it's 'who' . "

They stand silently. Waiting some mysterious person come to meet Don.

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