Chapter 6

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Sky's pov-
                   And then I heard clapping I turn around and see why don't we, team 10, all my friends, logan, Ayla, even, and.........ALISSA
"V"I screamed
"Hi skys" she said hugging me
I noticed zach was crying and so was Weston
"Hey Bae" i said kissing wes10
"Sup" he said but when we kissed I didn't feel sparks like I felt with zach so I pulled wes10's arm to outside of the studio
"You didn't feel them either" Wes asks
"No I think we're better of as friends" I say smiling
"Same" he said hugging me then we walked back into the studio
"Yo corbyn can I talk to you" I asked
"Sure S" he said
"I'm not dating Weston anymore" I said
"Really" he asks
"Yeah" I said
"Oh and you see that girl in there" I ask pointing to Lexi
"Yeah she's really pretty" he said
"She has a big crush on you" I say
"Really" he asked not believing any thing I was saying
"Yes really now go ask her out" I say pushing him
Zach's pov-
Jack told me he overheard skylar say she isn't dating Weston any more and corbyn is hitting it off with Lexi I'm happy she isn't dating Weston anymore because she's mine and I love her. I messed up bad and I feel terrible. I didn't know what I was doing and it all just happened so fast and I don't know if she would ever date me again but right now she's talking to Alissa and saying how much they missed each other. It looks like Alissa is being a part of team10 again!
"Yo sis do another dance plz" Logan and Jake said at the same time
"Okay" she said and did this dance

"Zayummmmmm" everyone said
"You got moves girl" clayton said
"Ayyeeee that's my girl right there" dani and Deven said
"Thanks guys" she said smiling
"I heard you sing" Jonah said
"Uh yeah" she says
"Do it" everyone shouts
"Okay okay" she said laughing she sung this

"Dang that was catchy but my songs are wayyyyy catchy-er" clayton said
"Don't get cocky clayton" she said making me laugh
"What's so funny Herron" she asks looking at me
"Nothing" i said and stopped laughing
" I'm just kidding idiot god" she said laughing
"Oh" I said being stupid
Sky's pov-
"Yo clayton sing one of your songs" I told clayton
"Okay" he said and sang kick it with me

"Okay zach how about you Tae sing a song" I said to Tae(brooks)
"Alrighty"he said
"Y'all tae's got an amazing voice just listen" I told everyone that doesn't know tae

"See what did I tell y'all"I say
"Damn" Logan said
"Haha thanks guys" tae said
"Can I sing a song?" Sanni asked
"Omg yaaaaaasss" I say
" okay" he said laughing

"Omg" I said freaking out and jumping around
"He was alright" Jake said
"Alright? For real Jake he's got more talent in his little pinky than you do in your whole body" I say
Everyone 'oohhhhh' at us
Jakes mouth dropped
"I was just kidding jeez" he said putting his hands up in surrender
"That's what happens when you mess with my friends" I said laughing
God I love these people

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