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Adeline's pov

We pull up in front my Dad's house I wonder why I was called here I walk in with my girls Evan is standing in front my dad's bedroom and opens it for me the girls stay outside that is when I see my Dad.I quickly run over to him"Daddy what happened" He is pale and a life machine is hooked up to him "I got attacked" My eyes darkened two years ago my mum died in a car accident I will not lose my Dad "Who did this" he coughs and then says"Jerome Lewis" he then sits up and calls in his Second in command my uncle David his best friend and Mum's brother "Listen Adeline I leave them to you, you are now the Mafia Queen" my father starts coughing up blood then the life line goes straight"I love you princess" Were my father's last word anger courses through my veins my uncle looks pale then I realized his best friend just dies I walk over and hug him as tears runs down his face "They will pay" I walk  out the room and pull out Evans gun  and slipping on my hood and getting in my car.

Even if I shot someone nobody can touch me I rule now my Dad is dead I call the police station and say"Prepare for a crime scene at the Lewis residence and I mean everyone that's an order from the new Mafia Queen Adeline D'Alterio"I hang up before they answer me then pull up in front the house and hide my gun as I walk up to the door I note that they are all home I knock on the door and Ethan lets me in with his little brother in hand and I see his mother and Father on the couch eating his sister is talking on her phone when he lets me in.I do not give him a chance to ask why I was here even though the shot in school injured him I aimed to kill I shot him in the head and did the same to his father and Brother I watch his mother and sister cower in a corner and then I shot them the blood on my face does not bother me I get in my car and drive back home passing the police station where I stop walk-in put down my gun and say"You guys can go now"They nod and run outside while the others watch me in fear I walk out and drive home.

An hour later I stand up and walk over to my bathroom and wash out all the blood from my hair when I step out I slip on a pair of black ripped bondage jeans with a black crop top and black leather jacket I slip on my boots and pull my hair into a ponytail my nails are painted black while my lips are red and my gun  is in an inner pocket in my jacket and one in my boots.I walk downstairs and watch my uncle "I am going to the mall" he nods as I walk out I need chocolate.

Veronica's pov

I tell my dad about what happened he grew alarmed and said "Protect Adeline at all cost"I  nod and then hang up and run out the house lucky I was dressed in black shorts with a white top and a red and black top tied around the waist with a pair of black and white Adidas I have my gun in my bra and I hop on my motorcycle  and speed of towards the mall I walk in to see Adeline with several shopping bags and then I notice some guys trailing her I run up to her and whisper to her about them she smirked and pulled out her gun and points it directly in their faces"You idiots done following me I pull out my gun and point it at a guy behind us "You guys trying to die today" I raise my eyebrows at them.

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