Chapter one-Positive

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This one was requested by a good friend of mine @phychozayn I'm so sorry it took two-months. Hooe you like it.

There were tears streaming down Harry's face as he unlocked his door to his flat,carrying a bag that had two pregnancy tests in them.

He was scared because him and Louis have only been married for a year and Louis job as a drama teacher keeps him pretty busy and Harrys job as a wedding planner does.

Harry went into the bathroom peeing on the two sticks, setting his phone timer to two minutes.He nervously paced back and fourth til the timer beeped.

He picked the two tests up, them all saying positive.

"Fuck," Harry muttered.

He didn'tknow what he was going to do for all he knew these tests could be wrong.

He decided to text his best friend Niall.

Niall, I found out some news could you come over?

Sure mate.. I'll be right over

Okay thank you.

There was a knock at the door and Harry opened the door, Niall being on the other side.

"Is everything okay, your not like dying are you?" he asked his best friend worried.

"No, I took these and they're all positive," Harry told him.

Niall sighed in relief, "Well that's a great thing isn't it?" Niall asked confused.

He started to cry again.

"Aw haz, don't cry I'm sure Louis will be happy," Niall tried to reassure him.

"I'm afraid he'll say it's too soon for us to have a baby, and I do want this baby,"

Niall hugged Harry tightly as he didn't hear the door open. It was louis.

Louis saw Harry and ran to his husband.

"Love, what's wrong?" he asked, concerned.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean for it to happened,"

Louis was confused, did Harry cheat, but that horrible thought left his mind when he gave him two positive pregnancy test.

On the inside Louis was feeling happiness.

"Haz, you had help getting in this situation, and who knows maybe the tests are wrong. But right now im hoping there not,"

Harry was shocked at Louis's words.

"Really you'd be happy if we had a baby?" Harry said, happily.

"Yes, I actually been giving it a lot of thought lately and was going to talk to you about it tonight," he replied.

"Well I guess we don't now," he laughs.

"Well I think I'll leave now, congrats," Niall said and left.

"Before we go off and tell everyone we should find out of your really pregnant,"


Louis sits next to his husband as he made an appointment for the next morning at 10 am, in less than twenty-four hours they could becoming parents.

The next morning:

It was 9:15 and Harry got dressed into some jeans and and a t-shirt. He met his husband downstairs so they could get going. They were really hoping the tests were right. Louis actually had talked to Harry's tummy last night and he thought it was so cute.

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