A Simple Melody ♬ Chapter Twenty-Six - Change

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Chapter Twenty-Six

-Train's P.O.V-

I panted slightly as I sat on the couch, wiping a bead of sweat off my forehead. You'd think that I'm at the gym or something, sweating my butts off, and as much as I'd like to say that it was true, it wasn't. Yeah, I was sweating my butts off, but I wasn't at the gym, and I am far too small to be in that place.

"That's not fair, why don't they ever create a game called Drum Hero?" Sebastian whined as he throws himself onto the floor, exhausted.

"It's not my fault that you decided to go against me." I laughed, watching Sebastian picking himself up while shooting me a death stare. "You know I love this game."

"Yeah, yeah you do."

Soon Mitch invited himself into the game room and started navigating the Xbox.

"You guys were playing Guitar Hero, without me?" Mitch frowned.

"You were asleep." I reasoned.

"Well yeah, you could've woke me." He rolled his eyes then smiled. "But no time for all that, Des is coming soon for practice."

"Scarlett will be watching us from the window." Sebastian stated as Mitch shudders violently.

"If she wants to watch us we might as well have her in the house and not have her stare at us from outside like some extreme stalker, not that she isn't." Mitch said flatly. "Why can't she get tired of me?"

"Vain." I sang.

"I am not vain."

"You have a giant mirror located in your room."

"That wasn't from me, it was from that interior designer who decided to panel a mega-sized mirror there. The interior designer is vain." Mitch said defensively as Sebastian shook his head slowly.

As though by cue, the doorbell rang and to our surprise, Alan was already at the door. We heard the door being swung open and Alan greeting not one, but two people...?

Me and the guys exchanged glances as we poked out heads outside of the room to see who it was. Well, whoever it is, that sure isn't Des, or Scarlett.

"Oh hey, Sophie, Sophia!" Sebastian greeted leaving both Mitch and I confused.

"You know these chicks?" Mitch asked blurrily.

"Hey Sebastian!" The first girl said first.

Oh wait, they're Asian twins.

It took me a while to register it to my mind. I have a couple of cute Asian girls in my house who happens to be twins. Don't get me wrong, they're cute, but yeah, I'm not considering.

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