Save her (23)

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NOTE: For a better reading, during the chapter listen to "Demons" by Boyce Avenue ft. Jennel Garcia :)


We were still at the gym, in full silence, no one was saying anything, we were all reflecting about absolutely everything. I could feel my stomach turn nonstop, and feel the nervousness consume me.

"It started to rain..." Dinah said, looking out the window.

"That sucks." I said, and then my phone began ringing. "Hello?"

"Lolo?" I smiled involuntarily, and a shiver ran through my body at the sound of that voice. I could also hear the heavy rain outside. "Ally left me here alone, and I'm going to be late because of the rain."

"What?" I asked, getting up from the floor. "Camila, are you there alone?" I asked, grabbing my bag and looking for my car keys. "Where did Ally go?"

"I am, I just told you that." She laughed, and I did some signs with my hands that my friends didn't understand; I was trying to tell them that I was going to pick her up. "Ally had to go to her parents' house, her mother fell sick, but she asked me to buy what she wanted and that tomorrow she'd stop by the house to pick it up. And now it started to rain, and there are no cabs here, and the ones that stop by already have a client waiting." She sighed, and I was freaking out, running my hand through my hair, she couldn't be alone.

"Camz, I'm coming to pick you up." I said, and she grumbled and tried to fight me. "I'm near the mall, it's no problem, just don't stay out there, go to the food court, somewhere with a lot of people, okay?!"

"Somewhere with a lot of people?" She asked.

"Yeah... Wait for me in the food court, that way we can eat something there and then go to your house. Baby, I'm going to hang up now, I'll see you in a bit, okay? I'm on my way, when I get to the mall, I'll text you." I said quickly and then hung up. "Shit..." I cussed.

"No one can do anything to her in a mall, Lauren." Mani said calmly.

"Actually, it's the perfect place... They can kidnap her and-"

"DINAH!" I grunted, still looking for my car keys in my bag. "Don't even joke about that. I FOUND THEM!" I smiled. "I'm leaving now."

"Call us if you need anything." Mani said worriedly.

I walked to the front door of the gym and fixed my beanie in my head, it was raining a lot, which made me frown. I saw that the car wasn't that far away, so I quickly ran to it. Ten steps later, I was completely soaked. I started the car and looked at the backseat, seeing my leather jacket, I smiled and put it on, which warmed me up a bit.

I quickly drove to the mall, but thanks to the rain, it took me a while to get there, since everyone was driving slowly and carefully. I only got there half an hour later, and saw the mess that was there, there was a huge line of cars trying to get out of there and a huge queue to get a cab.

After driving around trying to find a place to park, I found a parking space kind of nearby. I parked the car, grabbed my credit card, a bit of money and my phone from inside my bag, and then put it all in the inner pockets of my jacket. I took a deep breath, I was going to get even more wet, and I hated it.

I got out of the car, locked it, and then ran hurriedly towards one of the entrances of the mall, when I heard a car horn, I had just run in front of a car, but I didn't care about that. As soon as I was in a dry place, I looked around, grabbed my phone, and dialed Camila's number. After three rings, she answered and told me she was waiting for me in the food court.

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