Prequel To 'And The Battle Rages On' : The Mountain King and His Queen

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Hey Guys!

This is prequel to 'And the Battle Rages On' written by StarryNight1307 and Me. We are Twinnys!  We wrote it together and I did not copy her work. If you do not believe me go ask her. 


Most of you might be wondering what happened between Timi and Smaug. What times were they talking about?

So all your answers are here!

Welcome to my book : The Mountain King and His Queen.

Hugs and Kisses

LokisLilSister and StarryNight1307/MrsChekov

Update as of 28th July 2014

Okay guys *takes deep breath*

First of all, I was completely broken as my RP partner i.e. StarryNight1307 / MrsChekov left Wattpad due to issues. I didn't feel like continuing this fanfic, but I had to. This fanfic is in her memory and honour, since we RPed so much, it became our story too. We had RPed 2 stories and both of them were imcomplete. So, I guess it is the prequel I should start with first. 

This is for you Twinny, I hope you come back. It's terribly dull here without you and our family.

Lots of love from me 


Update as of 1st February

Guy please read this

The original transcript of the story has been found and will now undergo many MANY changes. I therefore ask you to remain patient and prepare for unexpected dialogues.

Thank you

TolkienLewis and IKnowWhatHeLikes

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