Gracie's Reunion with Dark Dreamers; Last Goodbyes and Feelings

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    I had no other choice. I placed the pillow on the bed. I quickly untransformed and headed for the exit. Just as I reached it, I was caught by someone.

    "Hello miss! Welcome to the Cherry Hill Temple! Would you like some tea?" I turned to see Raye's grandfather. What a funny old man. He completely forgot who I was. Every time I came with Raye her or I would say, "I'm Gracie. I'm Raye's friend." Seems as if he forgot again. I'm not going to be the one to argue. He also didn't notice that I was walking out instead of in. I smiled brightly at him.

    "No thank you sir I-"

    "CHAD!!" Out comes Chad, the boy with the dangled brown hair that hangs over his eyes. The girls and I always joke around with Raye and say that he is her "boyfriend". But even though she always denies it, I have a feeling she kind of likes her.

    "Yes sir?"


    "No thanks sir I gotta-"

    "I don't think Gracie wants-"


    "Yes sir!" he's about to run off, when I grab his collar. He pretends to choke.

    "It's okay, I'm leaving." Then I whisper, "Oh, and, by the way Chad, I think Raye likes you too. Tell her how you feel when you get the chance." I let go and walked out the exit.

    I had to tell him. And I had to leave the star pillow on the bed. These things I would probably never do again. I heard talking and I hid behind a bush. It was Mina, Lita, Raye, and Amy. There was also Serena and Rini, but they were hanging on to a tall handsome man with midnight black hair and beautiful blue eyes. That must be Darian. I listened to them talk for the last time before I'd never see them again.

                                                                     Author's POV

    "Oh Darian oh Darian I'm so happy you're back!" Serena giggled as she held Darian's arm.

    "Excuse me Darian," smiled Rini, yanking his other arm, "But I missed you the most."

    "So why are you back so soon Darian?" Luna asked.

    "I just wanted to be sure that every scout is okay. Oh hey starlights!" said Darian. Yaten and Taiki waved, but Seiya just looked down at the ground. Everyone stared at him.

    "Not every scout," he muttered.

    "What Seiya?" Serena asked.

    "What? Oh nothing. Um...Should we show Darian the new scout?"

    "Oh yeah!" Serena got all excited. "Oh Darian you'll love her! Remember how I mentioned someone was helping us? Well, her name is Sailor Cosmos, and-"

    "Shhhhh! Serena!" hushed Raye, "Keep your voice down!"

    "She's right Serena," said Lita, "We don't know who could be listening."

    "Oh right, sorry," whispered Serena, "Anyways, come on!" They all ran up the steps. Gracie walked cautiously out of the bush, watching her friends for the last time. Serena was panting and the rest was laughing at her, except for Seiya, who only smiled and continued to look at the ground.

    "I'm sorry Seiya," she thought. Quickly she ran down the steps, and toward the city, where her so called "destiny" was approaching.

    "Hi Raye....Ummmm..." stuttered Chad.

    "Ummmm..Hi Chad. How's the girl?"

    "I don't know. HAven't checked on her. So anyways-"

    "Why? Ugh, never mind. We're going to check on her."

    "LISTEN TO ME RAYE!" Chad yelled. They all froze and Raye stared straight at him. "GRACIE STOPPED BY AND SAID THAT I SHOULD TELL YOU HOW I FEEL! I LOVE YOU RAYE HINO! I ALWAYS HAVE! I WANT TO KNOW IF YOU LIKE ME TOO!" Raye went up to Chad and pecked him on the cheek.

    "I do, Chad. But I don't have time to pour out my feelings right now." Everyone smiled at them. "Now, what about Gracie?"

    "Oh.....Well.......She stopped by.....It looked like she was leaving though."

    "Thanks. Let's go check on the girl you guys." Serena crept up to Raye on the way to the room.

    "I knew it." she laughed.

    "Not now Serena!" Raye burst.

    "This is serious. We need to know why and how Gracie was here and how Sailor Cosmos is." Amy said.

    "I want to see her first!" shouted Rini as she headed toward the bedroom. She opened the screen and stood there, frozen and speechless.

    "What is it Rini?" Seiya asked when the rest of them got there. They couldn't believe their eyes. Sailor Cosmos was gone.

    "She left her star pillow." Rini said while holding the pillow.

    "Okay, time for a search party. We're looking for Grace and Sailor Cosmos. Ready, set, go!" yelled Mina. They all split into the city, looking for the two, who could possibly be one.

                                                                     Gracie's POV

    I should have known that they were the scouts. All well. Their in my past now. My good past. I ducked behind the ally I was supposed to meet Kaiden. As I backed up, someone grabbed my shoulder. I jerked, to find it was Kaiden.

    "wow. You're really losing your touch Grace."

    "Maybe the dark dreamers can knock some sense into me."

    "I'm happy you finally came to your senses. Now it will be you and I, just like you wanted it to be since the day we met." He held me close. No reaction came from me. It was true that I loved him at first sight, until I realized he was a dark dreamer and he found out I was a scout. When I refused ruling the world by his side and Queen Marraii, he took me to the dark dream castle, where they took over my dream soul and made me evil. When I somehow broke through it and regained control, I was locked away for 100 years until I escaped just a month ago.

    Kaiden took my hand and whispered in my ear. "Forget about singer boy." I looked outside the ally. There was Seiya, and all the others.

     "Let's show them how we leave in style!" Kaiden laughed, as a green light surrounded us.

    Everyone looked up to see me and Kaiden in the sky. I was ready to cry when I saw his face.

    "Gracie!" He cried. I couldn't help it.

    "Seiya!" I reached my fingers toward him as he did to me, but we both knew that we wouldn't touch. I'm doing this for you. I thought.

    "If you want her back," laughed kaiden, "Then we'll see you at the dark castle!" We were vanishing when I heard Seiya say, "Yes. You will."

    We vanished into the day lit sky, getting to see Seiya one of the last times. I saved his life. And even if I yelled at him not to, he and the scouts will come to to save mine.