Chapter 9

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Bellamy's pov

-next day-

I woke up and went downstairs and started to make waffles for Octavia and I. I have always been the 'player' or the guy who sleeps with everyone and I didn't want to be that anymore. I decided that when I meet a nice girl I will change my habbits and become a better person. I met this girl who was the one I want to date but there was just one problem. Finn. That boy was so annoying. He always plays a nice guy and them just dumps the girl. When that happens I'm going to be there for Clarke.

"Hellooo Bellamy." Octavia said. I didn't even notice O came downstairs I totally zoned out.

"Is everything okay Bell?" O asked.

"Yeah, everything is just fine." I lied.

"Okay. Can you give me a ride to school?" She said quietly.

"Really? Again?" I asked with my eyebrow raised.

"Please Bell?" Octavia said begging.

"Okay" I sighed.

"By the way Clarke is also comming" she shouted on her way upstairs.

Great now I have to see her and probably Finn too. I ate the waffles and went upstairs to get ready. I just took a basic white shirt and blue jeans. I didn't do anything to my hair. I got downstairs and saw Clarke. Her hair was curled and she was laughing with O. Clarke was so pretty.

"Bell I know Clarke is pretty but stop staring at her." She said and let out a laugh. I didn't even realize that I was staring at Clarke.

"I'm not staring at her. Let's go." I said and walked outside. The girls walked right behind me. We got in the car and started driving.

Clarke's pov

The whole car ride I was thinking about what O said earlier. Was Bellamy really staring at me?

"O was Bellamy-" I said when Bellamy cut my off.

"We're here!" Bellamy shouted.

I got out of the car and saw Finn. I walked up to him with Octavia right behind me.

"Clarke I'm so sorry. My ran out of battery and-" He said and I just cut him off.

"Finn. It's okay. Let's just go to class." I sighed.

We got to school and everyone needed to go to the gymnasium. On the way there we saw Bellamy, Atom and Murphy. They joined us there and sat next to us. I was sitting between Bellamy and Finn. I didn't know how Bellamy ended here. Next to me. Octavia was next to him so I guess they switched places so Octavia could be next to Atom. They told us about a school dance that was comming up. The theme was winter wonderland. I got exited about the dance and turned to Finn. He looked miserable. I looked right and saw Bellamy on his phone. He was on instagram commenting on this girls instagram. Her name was Gina. She was really pretty.

"Hey what are you doing princess?" He asked as he looked at me. He noticed that I was looking at his phone

"Nothing." I answered and looked up from his phone.

"Are you jealous? I can comment on your pictures too if you want?" He said and winked at me.

"I'm not jealous!" I yelled. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE turned around and stared at me. Bellamy was just laughing. I ran out of there.

I ran to the girls bathroom. That was so embarrassing. Then I heard the door open. It was O and Raven.

"What was that about Clarke?" Octavia asked. So I guess Bellamy didn't tell her.

"I was looking at Bellamy's phone and he was on this girl's profile. He asked if I was jealous and he can comment on my pictures too if I want. I told him I wasn't jealous. I guess I said that a little too loud." I said with a laugh.

"That wasn't even that bad Clarke." Raven said.

"I know but Bellamy just gets on my nerves." I said frustrated.

"I know he can be annoying. Trust me I live with him." Octavia said laughing. I smiled at her. I was lucky to have such good friends.

"We should get to class." I said as I looked at the clock.


Clarke's pov

My mom gave me a ride to school. I had on this new floral dress. I was a little bit early so I took my time in the hallway. I got my books from my locker. I saw Bellamy and Atom.

I tapped Bellamy on the shoulder and he turned around.

"Hey have you seen Finn?" I asked him.

"Nope." He answered and turned back to Atom.

Then all of a sudden some guy slapped my butt and smiled at me. Before I could do anything or even react Bellamy walked up to him and punched him.

"Don't touch her got it!" He yelled. They guy fell down and Bellamy started to walk away from him. Then all of a sudden the guy got up and punched him. Bellamy turned around and they started to fight. After a moment a teacher came and broke them apart.

"Hey Blake why did you even punch me? You two aren't even dating are you? I thought you didn't like her but I guess I was wrong." The guy shouted at Bellamy while a teacher was holding him back.

"Don't ever touch her again got it!" Bellamy yelled at him and walked to the boys bathroom. I rushed in there and saw him sitting on the floor. His lip was bleeding. I took some paper and sat next to him while cleaning the wound.

"Bellamy why did you do that? You shouldn't have attacked him." I said worried.

"He shouldn't have done that. You are one of Octavia's best friends of course I will defend you." He said with his head down. He got up and looked at his lip from the mirror. I walked next to him.

"Thank you Bellamy for that." I said and hugged him. I left pretty quickly after that. I needed to get to class. I heared the bathroom door open behind me. I looked back and saw Bellamy. He was rushing towards me.

"Hey, Princess. What do you say about skipping class with O, Atom and I ? We are going to get ice cream." He said smiling.

"Sure let's go. Where are we meeting them?" I asked.

"They are already there." He answered while we started to walk back to his car.

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