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"Y/N? Y/N? Please let out just a word, don't let me hanging like this" I shook her by the shoulders.

Her lips were parted from each other and her eyes were closed. Her image got me shaking.

"Babe? You're still alive? You're not leaving me, right?" I placed my index finger under her nose...

No breathing.

"No...no no no, this can't be real, I must be dreaming" I said to myself as I slapped my cheeks several times, nothing different.

"Please..." I cried out placing my forehead on her calm chest that was missing the heart beating.

"Don't do this to me, i'm begging you..." I wrapped my arms around her waist.

"Hug me back...please." I stared at her peaceful features as more tears left my eyes.

That's when it hit me, she won't answer, she won't show me her beautiful smile, she won't crash her soft lips into mine anymore, she left me.

I got up as I could see everything around me turning black. I looked in the mirror and saw blood rolling down my eyes, that also means I'm really mad.

I ran my hand through my hair as I licked the blood that went to my lips.

A huge smile drew my lips as I could feel power building up inside me.

"Dean...you looked for me, you'll find me." I smirked at my reflection in the mirror.



Jungkook was having his demonic side taking over him, all he was feeling now was the pain of you leaving him.

He was totally not the same, blood drooling from your eyes when you're not in a sexual desire or in a thirst for blood is quit different, even for a demon.

Apart from his eyes letting out blood, they couldn't miss having the tears of pain Jungkook's heart was taking in.

Jungkook was furiously numb, the anger towards his selfish brother was inexplicable.

Apart from all of this, he had a small smile drown on his lips, the smile that he kept everytime he thinks about you, which is all the time.


Jungkook was now walking down the street, he knew where his brother would hangout or even kill people.

It was 'Blood' street, this place was known for how dark and scary the people who live there are.

No one can blame them, that street was only filled with demons and criminals.

It was 6:34 PM and it was starting to get dark. The weather was windy and cold, even in summer.

Jungkook was stronger than his brother yet weak, Dean was smart and knew how to use and control his powers amazingly.

Jungkook on the other hand, was the worst at controlling his emotions and capacities.

Once he's angry, he won't think, he only starts seeing red. He'll do anything to let out his anger, to take revenge.

Jungkook's feet took their last steps as they stopped in front of the street where you could hear people screams coming from.

He without hesitation continued walking, demons were all doing their things there, from laughing with each other to eating humans.

They didn't mind Jungkook's presence, the scent of his blood was screaming 'demon'. Some of them even waved.

But Jungkook was way too blind folded with his anger to even look away from what was going on in front of him.

Few seconds later, he was done looking for his brother. He went to a random guy and grabbed him up by the collar.

"Where's Dean?" He said huskily.

"Chill dude" The guy spoke.

"You better tell me where he is now before I'll rip your head off" Jungkook warned.

"No no, he is always hanging out with Jimin at the very back of this street." The guy informed making the brown haired guy let go of him.

The closer Jungkook was to the back, the louder his brother and Jimin's laughter could be heard.

Their sounds got him even more tense, his pace fastened as he got more excited to kill.

There he was, in front of them both as they were ripping a girl's clothes off, about to rape her.

The scene in front of him reminded him of what his brother did to you, tears started streaming down his face as your name braked into his head.

That scene just got him more excited to see blood. Jungkook laughed from anger making both of them notice his presence.

The girl found it a good opportunity to run away since both of their attentions now was on Jungkook.

"Jungkookie? Long time no see bro! Miss me?" Dean clapped his hands as if he was excited, that was obviously sarcasm.

Meanwhile they were both laughing and talking irrelevant, Jungkook was just standing there, his bangs hiding the half of his eyes and causing a shadow to his face, breathing heavily out of anger, blood dripping from his jawline and a huge smirk showing on his lips.

"Why are you standing there? Aren't you going to give your dear brother a hug?" Dean pouted causing Jimin to chuckle.

"You know, it felt so good fucking your girlfriend, she was so tight!" Dean laughed.

Jungkook lifted his head to look straight into his brother's eyes.

Little did Jungkook know, his eyes weren't red anymore, but neon blue.

"What the..." Jimin frowned.

The brown haired guy started walking slowly towards them causing the ground to crack at every step he made.

"Of course I miss you brother, but what you know what I miss more?" Jungkook tilted his head.

"I miss ripping you into pieces."

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