Prompt #3

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                Prompt: Can you do a prompt of Leon's pov whenever Brennan first kissed him? I think it would be really cool to see what he thought about it!

                A.N.- I'm sorry if it's a bit...??? I wrote this late at night so I was too sleepy to reread the whole chapter and remember exactly what was happening and where all the characters were mentally and emotionally at this point (I mean Leon was obviously tired)


                I walked down the path, my eyes scanning the area past it. I felt awful about what I'd done in class today. My father had ordered me to drag Fagan out of class and make a spectacle of it.

                "I won't have this rebellion go any farther," he'd said. He wanted to make an example of Fagan to stop the other students from acting out.

                It was wrong. I knew it was wrong. What had my father done to Fagan? Everyone was so terrified of getting sent to dad's office. As much as I hated it, I knew my father did bad things.

                It was luck, really, that I spotted Brennan sitting off the path, headphones in, expression announcing that his thoughts were a thousand miles away.

                What did he think of me after today?

                I dug my hand in my pocket, rolling my dice between my fingers for comfort. I don't know when my feelings turned their attention on Brennan. Beckett had always been a safe crush for me. Beckett was straight and he respected me enough to keep my secret.

                But Brennan.

                I knew he was involved in all of this. I knew I should turn him in to my father. But I couldn't. I wouldn't.

                I stepped off the path and walked over to him. I grabbed his arm and he jumped in shock, facing me in annoyance.

                He pulled out his headphones and held them up to me. "When someone is wearing headphones, it's because they don't want to be bothered."

                I took them from him, placing one in my ear and letting his music drift to me. "Good song."

                He paused the music and pulled the headphones away from me, stuffing them in his pocket. "What do you want?"

                I shrugged. "You looked distracted. I was just going to ask if everything is alright." I wanted to ask if he thought my father was a monster. If he thought I was a monster. But I didn't want to know his answer.

                "Everything is just absolutely fantastic, Leon. Can you leave me alone now?" he said.

                My hand went into my pocket without thinking about, rolling the dice between my fingers. My father had taught me how to hide my anxiety, and, man, was I anxious when I talked to Brennan. Was I being too obvious about my feelings?

                "The headmaster is really going to crack down on the Maroons now," I said. I wanted him to stay safe, but I had a feeling he was too similar to Beckett. They were both determined to go down fighting.

                "I don't care. I've kept my head down and stayed out of trouble. Other than the occasional rude comment to a teacher, he's got no reason to crack down on my behavior," he said.

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