11 | Jason: The End

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"I thought it was for my luscious locks."

Jason and I were laughing as my mother jabbed my father in the side, looking over at him with a gaze that I wished I would be able to give to someone one day.

We finished our dessert with more jokes and conversation, and there was nothing that I felt could ruin the evening. Jason had met my parents. They had hit it off. Everything was going smoothly.

I walked Jason to the front door after dessert, ordering my parents to stay behind in the dining room.

"I had a wonderful time, Sam." Jason grinned as he wrapped me into a tight hug. "Your family is incredible, so I can see how you managed to turn out so magnificent."

"Wow. Lots of fancy compliments." I grinned, looking up at him. "You're an amazing guy, Jason. I..."

I trailed off. I didn't want to put myself out there yet.

"You what?" He coaxed, his brows creasing.

I looked at him. Really looked at him. At his eyes, his beautiful eyes, staring down at me with an expression I hadn't seen before.

"I love you."

I wasn't sure what reaction I was expecting. But the reaction I got gave me butterflies flying everywhere in my stomach as my heart soared to Cloud 9.

Jason's face transformed into a huge smile, his eyes lighting up and his mouth opening just slightly, almost going slack in awe. He hugged me tighter, my head being crushed into his chest.

"I love you too." I heard the words whispered in my ear.


"It was amazing." I shook my head, smiling widely as I stared up at my ceiling. Two different squeals came from my phone, where Jess and Farah were both on a three-way FaceTime call. "It was like someone actually cared about me. Like someone was actually interested in who I was and interested in knowing me. He said he loved me. He said he loved my family. He..."

"...he's a keeper." Jess finished for me as Farah fanned herself with a piece of paper. "This is incredible."

I grinned again, unable to speak. I was making sure to keep my voice quiet, since my parents had long ago gone to bed, but it was so hard to not start screaming praises to the Heavens.

"I mean, he's just so thoughtful. And trustworth--"

I cut myself off mid-word as a loud crash could be heard from below me. My eyes widened and I hushed my friends before creeping over my door. There shouldn't have been anyone in the house. The staff had gone home. My parents were in bed. Neither of my siblings were visiting.

Before I could reach the door, it opened just a crack and I saw my dad's face peering into my room.

"Alright, you're in here." He whispered. "I'm calling the cops."

My eyes widened and I nodded silently, returning to my bed and my phone.

"Guys I think someone's in my house."

"Maybe is Jason, returning to declare his love for you."

"No Jess, I'm serious. Someone broke in. My dad's calling the cops, I have to go."

I hung up the phone and sat on my bed, unsure of what to do. My heart was racing, my thoughts going even faster. How had someone broken into my house? We had 24-hour security that was constantly watching the perimeter and keeping out any trespassers.

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