What You Need ~ Part 6 {Bambam FF}

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"You fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time"

Summary: It's all fun and games until someone's feeling gets involved. Bambam known as the coolest kid in school made a bet to make the most unattractive girl into the it girl, the new popular girl. Will it happen? Will he succeed? Will she find out? Will feelings be developed between them too?

Swearing Involved



Bambam's Point of View

We both walked out of her house and were standing in front for her door.


"Thanks for what?" I asked her confused and she smiles.

"Thanks for the fun day at the pool and staying for dinner." she smiles and I could help but to admire how beautiful she looked being happy.. I wanted her to smile like that everything she's with me.. Aish what am I saying?!

"Anytime. I really like your parents."

"They like you too," she giggles and I smiled.

Everytime I see her smiling and happy it makes me feel guilty. This is all a bet. At the end of the bet what is going to happen? Should I tell her? Would she forgive me? Would she ever give me the time of day and hear me out? I mean I wouldn't blame the girl if she was to hate my guts... I wouldn't forgive myself if i was in her shoes..

"See you tomorrow?" I asked her and she nodded and before I could walk away she leans in and kisses my cheek and walks back into the house.

I touched my cheek and couldn't help but to smile like an idiot.

What did I get myself into..


Your Point of View

After hanging out with Bambam's friends and actually getting along with them, they have been nothing by nice to you. You were surprisingly getting close to his friends. You were used to have them completely ignore you existence in the halls, but now they would point you out as if you were one of them. It's been weird but what was there to complain about? You rather have them like you then be enemies with right?

The next day after the whole pool incident Soylu kept her word, she met you up after school and took you to an actual salon to get your new haircut. You had no idea what to expect, you didn't even know how approaching the woman who was going to be responsible for your hair. However you didn't have to worry about a thing, Soylu knew exactly what do with your hair and spoke majority of the time for you.

Little do you know, you ended up getting your eyebrows done and nails too. Everything was new to you. This was a total new experience. You were pulling out your wallet and just as you were about to pay the lady who basically fixed you up, Soylu moved your hand and paid.

"What are you doing?"

"I invited you here so I'm paying for you." she says and your eyes widen. She couldn't do this...

"No d-" before you could finish, she gives you a glare and you just accepted it. Well there we no way you could fight back now.

"Thank you." You smiled and she smiled in return.

As she received her change back, she grabs your hand and walks you to a near by mirror. You have taken a glance at your new look, Soylu made sure you couldn't see yourself until the very end.

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