~ Imagine 13 ~

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I was home alone. The house was dark and empty. The weather outside was really rainy and it looked like it was about to come a thunderstorm.
Thunderstorms is one of the worst fears I have. Especially when I'm home alone.

Right now I'm in my bed, watching a movie. I try to focus on the movie and ignore the weather outside. Then I see a lightning. I crawl up in my bed under the blanket and hide. The sound from the TV is kind of calming.

Then another lightning come again and my power went off. I almost screamed out in fear. Right now I was so fucking scared so I decided to call Leo, my best friends and crush. He knew I was scared so he probably waited for me to call.

"Leo?" I asked in the phone.

"Hi y/n, are you okay?" He asked.

"No, I'm scared. My power just went off and I'm home alone." I almost cried by now.

"Do you want me to come over?"

"Yes, but be careful." I said and he could imagine him smiling.

"You will be okay y/n, I will be there in five minutes. Okay?" He said.

"Okay." I whispered.

"Do you want me to stay on the phone?" Leo asked, noticing I was still scared.

"Yes please." I said.

Right when I was about to say thank you I heard the thunder and saw another lightning.
I screamed out in fear and started crying all over again.

"Y/n, don't cry you will be okay. I'm almost there. I will protect you." Leo confirmed.

"Thank you Leo." I whispered.

"I'm here now." Then he clicked the phone call.

I heard the door open.
"Y/n where are you?" he yelled out.

"I'm in my room. Under the blankets!" I yelled back.

I heard him run up the stairs and into my room. He let out a little laugh.

"Y/n you're so cute. Can I come in" he asked.

I reached for his arm and dragged him in under the blankets. When I saw his face I immediately calmed down. He laid there and stared me in the eyes.

"When I was on my way here there were paparazzi's taking photos of me" Leo said.

"Wait, they went out in this weather just to take a picture of you?" I asked.

"That's when you know you're famous" he smirked.
I just rolled my eyes and then smiled. He was so cute. He was about to say something when I heard the thunder. I got scared and crawled up into Leo's arms. He held his arms around me and his mouth was by my ear.

"I will always protect you y/n." Leo whispered. It gave me chills trough my whole body and I just hugged him harder.
Soon I heard snores. I looked up to see Leo sleeping. God he was cute. After a while I fell asleep in his arms.

"Princess?" I was awake, but I was too lazy to open my eyes.

"Wake up baby." Wait. Baby? I opened my eyes in a confused and happy look. Leo smirked.

"I knew that would wake you up." He said.

"And why is that?" I asked smirking back at him.

"Because you love me." He said casually.

"How- what- wait, how do you kn- I mean. Why do you think that?"

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