Spoiled Eggs

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            I stood there staring down at my feet with Jocelyn beside me, pale as the moon above, and Toni behind me, cackling like a maniac. A thick coppery sent wafted up from the body, filling my nostrils as I breathed in deeply. I close my eyes, taking pleasure in the moment, the cool air, the peace of the night. It was quiet and relaxing, and very short lived.

            “What are we going to do?” Jocelyn whimpered, running a hand through her curly autumn red mane. I could see the tears dampening her eyes and felt in instant pang of guilt vibrate through my heart. The poor girl was really the only innocent one among us all.

            “Not tell the police, for one,” Toni scoffed, wrapping an arm around Jocelyn. It should’ve been a gesture of comfort between friends, but it was a threat and a successful one. The madness in Toni’s eyes blazed like an untamed fire, spreading from her eyes to her twisted smile.

Staring into that kind of insanity, Jocelyn’s eyes glazed over with fear. I knew right then and there that Jocelyn would drift away from us, knew that this was too much for her sweet little heart to bear. She couldn’t take the sight at our feet, seeing the queen bee of the high school hive lying on the gritty concrete with her head cracked open like an egg.

Tall, blonde, and slender, little miss whatever-her-name-was was pretty and popular, but she was far from nice. I’d seen her in the hallways taking a sickly pleasure in tormenting her weak hearted classmates. There wasn’t a person in that school that she hadn’t dug her verbal claws into. On this night, she made the mistake of turning her attention to me, Toni, and Jocelyn. For a while now, and not really for any particular reason, Toni has wanted to crack that salty wench open like the spoiled egg she was until her blood spilled like yolk on a frying pan. Tonight, Toni was given the best excuse she ever needed.

“Katherine, please, what do we do?” Jocelyn asked, her eyes pleading with me to give her an answer different from what Toni was offering. But I couldn’t give her one. I didn’t want to give her one. The opportunity I literally had right at my feet was simply too fantastic to pass up.

“I’ll get rid of the body,” I say, stomach rumbling already. “I know a good place to put it, and if anyone asks, we offer a basic truth. She was little rat that got what she had coming. She had plenty of enemies.”

Jocelyn croaked, tears spilling over as she buried her face in her hands. She wanted to hide from the truth, from what they were going to do. This was going to ruin her, it already had. In a few years, destroyed by guilt, she’d probably try and spill our secret or, tragically, spill her own blood. It broke my heart to know, and I tried, really tried, to empathize a little more with where she was coming from, but again I could not. I had to think about me too, and when I thought about me, I thought about Daddy and the new grill we’ve been wanting to test.

            “Toni, take her home,” I order, already planning what spices to have Daddy pull out. “I’ll clean up here.”

            With a nod and a toothy grin, Toni tightened her grip on Jocelyn, leading her away from the filthy alley, from their dirty secret, checking the streets first. Once she knew it was clear, Toni rounded the corner with her captive and disappeared. I pull out my phone instantly and shoot a text to my father, informing him of the situation. He messages me back, knowing what to do, having done this before.

            He tells me to wait.

            I put my phone back in my pocket and kneel next to the foolish little blonde, touching hand to her face, grazing a thumb across her lips. Her skin still carried the warmth of life, but it was fading, giving away to the chill of the night, of death. Titling my head to look into her empty eyes, I can’t help but think that even a spoiled egg can still make a delicious breakfast.

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