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"To geeks like me. You're going to be okay. Unless you kill someone. Then definitely call a lawyer."


Warning: This story is directed towards older readers (16+), so please be aware of mature themes and content.


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Have you ever had the feeling where you wished that the ground would break in half and swallow you whole? Well that was what I was feeling right now. It wasn't a big deal to some people. I mean it shouldn't be, but it was. My cheeks were on fire and the only thing that I could do was splutter in the face of the hottest guy of Redwood High.

And I mean literally splutter. I sounded like I had just come out of a drowning episode. And the only place that I could drown in here was the basins, or even worse the boys' toilets. I shuddered and stared up at the gorgeous Greek God, Sean Gregory, while I held my phone. God! Say something Viv!

"I'm here for the school paper," I blurted.

"The school paper?" the Greek God repeated. "I haven't seen you on the team before."

Oh great, when you finally say something, you say the wrong thing! How dumb can you be Viv? Saying that you're in the boys toilets because of the school paper? You have passed the lowest stage of low. You're going to die from humiliation. No doubt that hot boy here's going to go tell all his friends and then you're really be in the school paper for perving on guys' little friends.

"I'm new!" I blurted.

Wow, real smooth Viv. He's not going to know that you're a senior and have been in his English class since you can remember.

"I was just taking pictures," I continued, pointing with my phone, "because boys are always complaining about the toilets being smelly and so if it got in the school paper then well maybe Mr. Bernard might change it or something."

"So you're in the boys toilets, taking pictures on your phone for the school newspaper even though you've never been to a single meeting?" Sean asked me with a smirk.

"I-I..." I stuttered. "Well, no."

"I figured. I spotted you running from Mrs. Jones class into here," Sean replied, an amused grin tugging at the corners of his lips. "I never knew you got girls this desperate."

My mouth opened in surprise. Desperate? Did he really think that I was in here because I was some horny teenager waiting to snap a picture of the first penis I laid eyes on? That utter and complete jerk! I tucked my phone into my pocket and then pushed my glasses up my nose. God, mum really should get me contacts soon.

"I am not desperate!" I retorted.

"Then why are you here in the guys' toilets?" he questioned.

I crossed my arms, huffing a little. "None of your business, now if you excuse me, I have a class to go to."

Before I could leave, Sean stopped me, placing a hand on my shoulder. I frowned at the contact, before glancing up at him. He was watching me now, without the arrogant smirk I had grown accustomed to seeing on his face.

"I hear you're looking for Matt?" he asked.

My body froze. "What do you know about Matt?"

Sean grinned. "Only that you made a deal with him and he didn't keep his end of the bargain."

I tried to play it cool but I mean, we all knew that I wasn't good with being cool at all. My voice came out high. Memories of what Matt had done came rushing back and my face grew hot with embarrassment. Shoving the thoughts away, I focussed my attention back onto Sean, watching him warily.

"What do you mean?" I demanded.

"I could help you get him back you know," Sean answered with a smile.

Raising an eyebrow I asked, "How?"

Sean shrugged. "Matt screwed you over and we all know that your popularity wasn't that great to begin with."

"Hey!" I shouted.

Sean cut me off with a wave of his hand. "Here's the deal Lanter, I'll help you become the most popular girl in our school if-"

"There's always an 'if' or a 'but'," I muttered.

Ignoring my comment, Sean explained, "If you help get my Math's grade up."

"That's it?" I asked. Disbelief must have shown on my face. "What's the catch?"

"There is no catch Lanter," Sean murmured, "so we've got a deal?"

I thought about all the laughter and stares, the pointed whispers and then of course, Matt. A part of me told me to run and never look back and another part, angry at Matt and everyone else found myself nodding. A deal. I stared as Sean turned and made his way out of the boys' toilets and back into class. What just happened? Did I really make a deal to get back at Matt with help from the notorious hottie and jerk Sean Gregory?

Why did it feel like I was suddenly going to regret everything that just happened?


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