You Never Poop Alone ~ tracklist

28 6 7

1. Intro: Boy Meets Poop

2. Blood, Sweat and Poop

3. Begin (you make me shiiiiiiit)

4. Lie (caught in a poooooooop)

5. Stigma (please dry... my... butt)

6. First Poop

7. Reflection (I wish I could shit myself)

8. MAMA (hey mama, hand over the toilet paper please, oh please)

9. Awake (maybe I, I can never shiiiitt)

10. Lost (lost my shittttt)

11. Cypoop Pt.4

12. Is Poop Wrong

13. 21st Century Poop

14. 2! 3! (Hoping for More Good Poops)

15. Spring Poop

16. Shit Today

17. Outro: Poop

18. A Supplementary Story: You Never Poop Alone

This is the tracklist for our first album, You Never Poop Alone - lyrics from certain songs to follow!

~ admin sruti

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