82. Fairytale

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I loved the way he looked at me.

It was day 3 and we had the house to ourselves now that Damien and Harper had returned to Melbourne. I would miss them both, but we'd see them again soon. Harper was almost ready for fittings for her maternity collection.

"Come with me baby." Jay took my hand and led me into the lounge. I watched in confusion as he turned the TV on and inserted a USB in the back.

He grabbed the remote and moved to the couch, taking me with him. He positioned me on his lap, his large hand resting on my upper thigh.

"Ready?" He asked.

"For what?" I asked, still having no idea what he was doing.

"Just watch."

I nodded and he clicked the remote. Memories flooded back as I saw an image of Jay and I on the beach in Nice.

"Oh...are these..." I could feel the heat in my cheeks and wasn't sure I wanted to see the images that would soon be displayed.

Then there was an image of Jay and I. It was a moment I'd always remember and I was happy that Jimmy had captured it. The smile on Jays face was so genuine.

The first images were innocent enough but I began getting extremely nervous when one of Jay sucking on my nipple popped up next.

Jay felt me stiffen and wrapped his arm around my waist as he clicked onto the next.

"What?" I gasped in shock.

Jay moved his hand up to my breast, moved the tiny red triangle aside and held me, his thumb rubbing my nipple. Only this time it didn't calm me as much as it usually did.

As more intimate images were displayed, Jay removed my top altogether, his warm hand travelling over both breasts before finding its way inside my bottoms.

"Relax and watch baby." He instructed as he kept clicking the remote.

"You told me he left." I whispered as more graphic images were displayed.

"I wanted you to relax Mia, I wanted to make sure we got some natural shots. Stand up."

"What?" His last comment caught me off guard.

"I said, stand up."

I did what he said and before I could turn to look at him, he lowered my bikini bottoms and pulled me back down. His hand nestled between my legs and his fingers teased my lips.

"Now, relax and watch." He said hoarsely as his finger dipped inside me.

"But you told me..." I wasn't sure how to feel as the next image popped up. I knew Jays fingers were inside me, but the image only hinted at it.

"He's a professional photographer Mia, he wasn't there to shoot porn. He was there to tastefully capture our moments." Jays fingers began to move in and out as he clicked the remote.

As I began to relax, I studied the images. Jay was right, even though the images were clearly very intimate, they weren't smutty. They were more suggestive than sexual.

"Good girl." Jay whispered against my ear when he felt the tension leave my body. "Watch and remember Mia. Remember how it felt when I touched you."

His fingers pushed against my gspot and I moaned as the images on the screen took me back in time.

"Remember how you felt when your pretty cunt clamped my fingers, when you lost control and finally released." He continued as he spread my legs wider and his thumb found my clit.

"Look at the pics Mia. Look at your face, see what I see."

The image was clearly post orgasm. My eyes were hooded, my cheeks flushed and my lips slightly parted. As I looked further, I could see how hard my nipples were. The photo also captured Jay's profile, the look on his face was one of pure love.

"I want this one printed." I breathed as Jay increased the pressure on my clit.

He left the image on the screen as his free hand came up to my breasts, his rough hand rubbing over my nipples.

"We'll print as many as you want baby." His voice was gravelly against my ear. "That's how your face looks each time you cum for me. How it's going to look in a minute."

He tweaked my nipples as his fingers pressed against my gspot, his teeth nipping the sensitive skin between my neck and shoulder.

"Look at your face Mia." My gaze found the screen just as my climax hit.

"That's it baby." Jay whispered as my body relaxed against his. "I told you that day to trust me to look after you Mia," he began as he continued clicking through the images. "look at the result baby. Look how fucking beautiful you are. See what I see."

"What I see," I began as I absently placed my hand over his tattoo "is a fairytale." I said quietly.

"A fairytale?"

"Aha. I see Prince Charming and the girl he helped fix. He brought her back to life and treated her like a princess. He taught her all about trust and true love, he became her lover and protector. But mostly, he became her best friend."

"You see all that?" The surprise in his voice had me turning to look at him.

His expression was one of bewilderment.

I repositioned myself so I was straddling him and held his face in my hands.

"I see that and so much more."

I kissed his soft lips before continuing.

"I see the man I love more than life itself, I see my future, I see my happily ever after."

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