Mistakes and Memories Pt. 3

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Hey guys, so I was wondering if you guys could give me some things I need to work on when it comes to the imagines because I want to make it good so all of you could enjoy it. So please consider commenting if maybe I should post more, maybe some ideas for imagines Idk lol, thanks! ALSO THANK YOU SOO FREAKING MUCH FOR 15K!!!


Shawn snaps his fingers and I glare at him. "Haha, are you good there?" Shawn asks. "Oh uh yeah, so um where were we? Haha I'm sorry, kinda zoned out there." Shawn laughs and says "you really remind me of Y/N. The way you laugh, smile, and honestly look. Oh and am I that boring that you'd zone out?" Shawn laughs.

"Oh jeez haha no, not at all! It's just, the story you're telling seems really familiar." I say. Shawn and I stare into each other's eyes for a few seconds until I break the eye contact. "I'm sorry, maybe I'm just messing with my mind. I had a car accident a few years ago and suffered memory loss. My mom wanted a fresh start so we moved here. Though I cant seem to remember the name I was born with. Anyw-" Shawn cuts me off

"Im sorry to cut you off there, but I know this is crazy, but is it possible for me to come over and if you have any- see any pictures of you when you were younger?" Shawn asks. "Um- sure- well I mean- um yeah hah sure." I say nervous but kinda happily. We leave and get into our own cars and Shawn follows me in behind.

We get to my place and I invite Shawn inside. "You can have a seat in the living room, I'll be back with the pictures." I go upstairs to the office room and grab a blue and pink photo album. I walk down and see Shawn looking at the pictures in the photo frames sitting on the shelf.

"Here's the album. It should have mostly pictures of me growing up." I hand the album to Shawn as we sit down and look through it. "Aw haha the big comfy couch doll! What's her name again?" Shawn asks in enlightenment. "Hmmmm oh molly the dolly! Haha that was my favourite show!" I exclaim.

We both laugh at my pictures u girl Shawn seems a picture of me and a boy in 8th grade. "Oh I'm not sure who that boy is, my mom said it's a friend but I really can't remember." I sigh.
"That's me." Shawn says making eye contact with me.

"Are you serious?" I saw shaken. "Yeah, I have the same picture at my house in Pickering." He says. "Here I'll FaceTime my sister Aaliyah and she'll show you." Shawn grabs out his phone and face times Aaliyah. "Hey Shawn." Aaliyah says. "Hey sis, can you go to the family room and show me the picture that I think is on the top shelf of the TV stand?" Shawn asks. "Sure thing."

Aaliyah flips the camera and shows us the picture. "See? It's the same one." Shawn says handing me his phone. " I honestly don't know what to say." I sit back and questions go through my mind.
"Alright Aaliyah, I'll see you soon. Thanks!" Shawn says and hangs up. "You're Y/N"

I sit back and sigh. I have an idea. I pick up my phone from the kitchen island and call my mom. "Mom, can you come to my place? We have a lot of taking to do."

~To Be Continued~


So some of you wanted a part 3 of Memories and Mistakes so here it is haha and BTW if you're unfamiliar with The Big Comfy Couch, it's a Canadian TV show for kids and growing up THAT WAS MY ONE AND ONLY FAVOURITE TV SHOW EVER ON TREEHOUSE HAHA.

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