I trudged in, throwing my stuff on the desk in the back right-hand corner. I tried not to scowl. I had tried so hard this morning to get out of coming, but Dad forced me too. I set my mouth in a line. Jason strolled in, sitting next to me. My mood instantly lifted, but not quite enough. 

I got a few stares from people and I just glared back.  

Yeah, I had an accident. People did all the time. I wasn't a different person or anything. 


"You look so happy to be here." Jason grinned teasingly.

I frowned at him, making him grin wider. 

The lesson went by pretty quickly actually. I'd missed out on a bit, but since it was English, I caught up in no time at all. I always picked English up easily. I was normally ahead, so it was probably good to miss a little bit.

Jason walked me to my next class. He carried my bag around school. It was so cute! Even when we didn't have the same classes he'd walk me there, get out my stuff and make sure I was okay. You'd think I was made of glass or something. 

Jason kissed my cheek and went to his class. Britney suddenly took his place at my side. Her presence instantly sent chills down my spine, but I just lifted my chin up and hardly even acknowledged her.

"I see you're back." 

I looked at her in distaste, letting my eyes give her a once over. "Yes." 

She looked me up and down as well, following suit of what I had been doing. I resisted the urge to roll my upper lip. "Cute cast." 

"Thank you." I replied seriously, as if I took the compliment to heart. 

She sneered at me. "Everyone may think your the sweet, innocent girl who was in that crash, but I know better. You're still that bitch who stole my boyfriend." 

"You weren't with him." I said flatly. "And after your many attempts to get him back, it's pretty obvious he doesn't want you." 

"You're going to wish you never said that." she treatened, taking a step closer to me, her breath hitting my face at the proximity.

"Oh, I'm shaking." I said sarcastically. 

I actually was, to be honest. Hope she didn't notice. 

She took another step closer, so that the tips of our noses were almost brushing. I was scared, but I tried my hardest not to show it.

"Uh-uh," I said, backing up, trying to keep my voice calm. "One whack with this cast and it'll knock you flat." 

She narrowed her eyes. "You watch yourself. I'm coming for you." 

"I look forward to it." 

"Problem, ladies?" The teacher asked, sauntering up to us. She stared expectantly at us both, her eyes darting back and forth.

"Well-" I began and Britney cut me off. 


She grabbed her stuff and stalked into class. The teacher gave me a soft look. 

"Don't let her get to you." 

"I won't." I said, trying to keep the exhaustion from my voice.  "Thanks." 

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