Full Introduction. (Part One).

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Elia watches as supply ships land on her home world. They were vast and powerful, made in ways her people can only dream off. Technology this advanced was yet to be used here. They were simple people, sticking to the bare necessities.

She was grateful that finally someone came to her people's aid. Her father, the leader of her tribe, had sent out several tribe members in search of assistance. There was a shortage of food and supplies, and far too many mouths to feed to wait out a regrowth of their crops. The relief of his people was all he wanted. It didn't matter who heard his plea, the elder was grateful nonetheless.

The tribe watched as many ships landed, much relief was sent. The joy they felt was soon replaced with fear as the ships opened up, and several Storm Troopers filled their land. Hurt and betrayal soon washed out the brief feelings of appeasement. They may be simple, but they were not oblivious to the reputation the First Order held.

Elia turned to her father, scolding him. "You relied on the First Order for support? You should have known they would only-", she was silenced as his hand was raised, ready to strike. He didn't need to pull through with the action. She had learned several times before what the gesture meant.

"You will not question me. It is not your place." She bit her tongue and watched as her father walked forward to meet the ones who aided her people. She followed, along with her other two sisters.

The grass was soft beneath her feet as she pressed on, following closely after her father. As they got closer and closer she could make out each figure clearly. She watched the Storm Troopers closely as they marched towards her village. They stopped abruptly, as did her father. She nearly ran into him.

"Supreme Leader Ren. I trust that you've gotten my request." She peered over her father's shoulder and gasped at what she saw. A tall figure towered over them. He was dressed in all black, a mop of curly dark hair on his head to match. He wore a form of bandage on his face, black stitching following the curve of his face just under his eye down under the collar of his outfit. This was not the face she expected to belong to the Kylo Ren.

"Of course. My forces will be ready to deliver supplies to your people on my command." His voice was strong, a stiffness clinging to each word that only hinted at the power he held.

"Very well." Her father suddenly stepped to the side, leaving her and her sisters exposed to the eyes of this strange man. "Please, allow me to introduce my daughters."

She watched in fear as sharp brown eyes landed on her own. He held up his hand, silencing the elder. They shared a long gaze, and she felt his presence in her mind. Not just her mind, but her soul, her entire being. But how? She wasn't sure. He held a smirk on his face, as if he knew how he made her feel.

"There is no need, your highness. This one will serve me well." The look on his face was all too knowing.

Elia glanced from her father to the man before her, realizing her situation. "You bargained me off!?" She was outraged.

"I offered him one of you three. We are simple people Elia. You know I had nothing else to offer."

She wanted to protest. To fight for her right to do as she pleased with her life. But as she looked up into the eyes of the man standing before her, she knew better. She knew he alone could easily kill her. She knew she had no choice but to comply. Failing to do so would only mean her death.

Elia was beat. She had no option. Why die over something so meaningless? The life she would soon face would most likely be comfortable, and would be much better than the one she was living now. She willingly stepped before the Supreme Leader, kneeling in front of him.

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