81. The Best Kind Of Punishment

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The girls were swimming with Megan and Janet when I eventually made my way back down.

Jays eyes were fixed on me as he took in my black bikini, then my baby belly. His face softened as he pulled me near him and kissed my belly.

"Mummy's been a naughty girl, little one. Don't worry though, daddy will make sure she says sorry." He said so quietly that only I heard him.

I glanced over to see Rob and Cam deep in conversation and then looked back to Jay.

"I'm sorry." I said and raised an eyebrow questioningly.

Jay laughed. "Just like that?" He repeated my words from earlier. His hand moved from my belly to my hip, then slowly down to my thigh where he gave me a light tap. "I don't think so babe."

Whatever he had in mind, I just knew I'd enjoy it as much as him. His thumbs hooked into the sides of my bottoms and lowered them just a little.

"That's better." He said as he rubbed his thumbs across my hips.

"Are you coming in Auntie Mia?" I turned to where Poppy was playing in the water. "You took ages to get changed." She added and I blushed.

"I'll be there in a sec." I told her before looking back at Jay. He used his grip on my hips to pull me closer and I bent down to kiss him.

"Later." He growled before letting me go.

The afternoon was filled with fun and laughter, but each time I caught Jay looking at me, I felt that sense of apprehension. Well, maybe that was too strong a word, I obviously wasn't fearful, but the unknown always worried me a little.

So, when we finally said goodbye to our guests, I immediately looked to him. As expected, his eyes were already locked on me.

"Upstairs." I nodded and led the way.

Standing in the room, I waited for him to speak.

"Undress." Although his words were few, he clearly wasn't angry, his voice was thick with desire.

I slowly lifted my dress over my head and dropped it to the floor, his eyes following each and every movement.

Then I reached behind and untied my bikini top, dropping it with my dress. My bottoms soon followed. Standing completely naked, I looked back up to him.

"I really wanted you to wear the red one." He said as his eyes freely roamed my body. I licked my lips nervously and nodded in acknowledgement.

"I'm sorry." My own voice was breathy and he smiled when he heard it.

I almost moaned when he stepped closer and he knew I reacted.

"If you need the bathroom, I'd go now babe, coz I'm gonna be keeping you busy for a while." He ran his hands down my arms, causing goosebumps to erupt all over my body.

"Okay." I left him in the room as I did my business and when I returned, he was naked. I sucked in a breath at his always impressive body.

"Come here." I stopped just in front of him and waited. He reached up and tangled his fingers in my hair and pulled my face towards his. He kissed me with a hunger that took me by surprise.

Pulling back, he used his hold on my hair to gently guide me to my knees and I instantly stroked his cock before licking his hard length and then taking him in my mouth.

He groaned as my tongue swirled around him and I took him deeper.

"That's it baby, good girl." He encouraged, his voice a little strained. Although he still held my hair, he was taking it easy with me. In a way I wish he wasn't, I love dominant Jay.

After a few minutes his grip tightened and his hips began to jerk, I kept working him with my mouth and hand and just before he released, he pulled back and thick streams of cum landed across my boobs.

His eyes were glassy as he looked me over, a satisfied smile on his face. When I lifted my hands and began to rub it in, he growled with pleasure.

"Fuck baby, that's so sexy." He panted.

He helped me stand and sat on the bed, pulling me over his lap. As soon as I felt the first slap, I counted.

"Good girl Mia." He said as he rubbed his hand over my stinging cheeks. "Are you okay like this? The baby?"

"I'm fine Jay." I assured him.

"Good." He said as he slapped me again.

"Now lets see how much you're enjoying it." He spread my legs and groaned when he felt how wet I was.

I moaned when he easily slipped his fingers inside and his thumb rubbed my anus.

"You like that baby?" He asked and I nodded in response.

When his hand met my ass cheek, I cried out. "Yes, yes I like it."

"We need to talk about earlier." He said as his skilled fingers found my g spot.

"I'm sorry." I said again. "It's too revealing."

"I like it. So, you're going to be wearing it for me for the next week."

"A week?" I breathed as his fingers found that spot again.

"Mmm hmmm. And when you're not wearing them, you wear nothing."

Jay's punishments were never punishments. The thought of his eyes glued to me for the next week had me excited and as his fingers pumped harder, I could feel my climax building. He applied more pressure against my ass, but didn't penetrate and I found myself rocking against his hand, chasing the release that was so close.

"Are you fucking my hand Mia?" His voice sounded amused.

"Yes." I answered honestly, too close to my orgasm to be embarassed.

"Rub your clit Mia." I reached my arm under his legs and rubbed in circles as his fingers pressed that bundle of nerves deep inside me.

"That's it baby, let go."

My body convulsed as I cried out his name and when he slapped my ass, I released for him.

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