Sick Day- Poofless

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Rob's P.O.V.

I woke in the early hours of the morning, 4am to be exact, to the rush of blankets and all of a sudden I was on the floor. In the darkness I saw Preston's outline rush into the bathroom, followed by retching and a horrible splattering noise. I subconsciously shuddered, hating the noise of vomiting.

I untangled my self from the blankets, all of which had ended up on the floor with me and placed them in a pile on the bed, turning the bedroom light on and tip toeing into the bathroom.

I turned that light on too and the first thing I saw was Preston leaning over the toilet, still retching every few seconds. Even as I stood watching, he slumped sideways, curling up into the fetal position onto the floor. I picked him up and he clung to me, his face pale and his body covered in sweat.

I picked him up carefully, his head falling limp against my chest and set him down on the bed, grabbing a water bottle which was mine and gave it to him, holding it up so he could drink. He drank quietly, his arms too weak to hold it up so I did it for him, gently squeezing the bottle to release the water every few seconds.

As soon as I put the bottle down he curled up into my side, his arms clutched around his stomach and his head resting on my stomach. I wasn't sure what brought the vomiting on so suddenly but I suspected food poisoning because we had had sushi earlier that day for lunch.

I heard a small whimper escape his mouth and he attempted to curl even further into himself, his knees pulled up against his chest. I moved his hands and legs so I could reach his stomach and gently massaged it, hoping it would help relax him and possibly get him back to sleep although I did doubt it.

"Hey, hey, you're okay, you're okay." He had whimpered again and had almost retched again, so I moved my free hand to behind his head and rocked it gently, holding him still and in a comfortable position for both of us.

My hand was still massaging his stomach, moving up and down as he settled down in my arms, hopefully attempting to sleep. I bought my face down to be level with his and kissed his forehead gently, moved slowly down his face until our lips lined up, but he pulled away.

"Noooooo... I don't want you to get sick..." I laughed and kissed him anyway, knowing it wouldn't matter.

"It's probably food poisoning Pressy, I can't get sick off that." His eyes flickered shut a few times in quick succession very suddenly as he tried to stifle a yawn, but ultimately failed to as he leaned back into my hold and buried himself into my chest.

My hand still moving up and down on his stomach I pulled the blankets back over us and faintly trailed my free hand through Preston's hair, pulling it away from his face as he fell into a silent slumber.

Kissing his forehead one last time, I followed in suit.


It was late the next morning, I wasn't even sure what time we did end up getting up but when we- I did get up it was because Lachlan, who had been sleeping in the lounge on the couch came into our room and pounced on the bed.

As soon as he knew we were both awake he pulled open the curtains and let the sunlight stream through, hitting our faces and causing Preston to groan and attempt to almost disappear underneath me.

I pulled the blankets over our heads for a few minutes until our eyes had adjusted to the harshness of the light and when I pulled them back Lachlan was standing beside the door, arms folded and tapping his foot impatiently with a scowl plastered on his face.

"Come on, you need to get up. I'm hungry and there's no food left in this house." I pulled myself out of bed, much to the disappointment of Preston, who whined and tried to tug me back. I looked down at him.

"You can stay here if you want, I'll go get food and then come back." He nodded but I could tell from the paleness of his face that he was still feeling very sick and probably wanted me to stay. I gave him a quick kiss and pulled a sweater on, having already been in sweatpants and a t-shirt, to lazy to change the night before.

I pulled Lachlan outside and closed the door behind me, pulling my hoodie down and mussing my hair, knowing it was sticking up everywhere. Lachlan looked at me curiously, then back at the door and then back at me.

"Preston was sick last night, I don't think he's gotten any better." A look of 'omg I'm so dumb' came across his face and he paused.

"Food poisoning?" I nodded.

"Yeah I think so, probably from the sushi we had yesterday." He nodded too, thinking back for a second.

"Anyway. Food."


It was about an hour and a half after we left when we returned, placing the groceries on the bench. We had gone out for breakfast and then to the supermarket to get some food, hopefully enough to last the whole time we were there, until Lachlan went home and Preston and myself headed to Florida for a short while.

I headed back to the bedroom after helping Lachlan put everything away only to see Preston curled up in the very corner of the bed, his arms wrapped around his stomach and head buried in a pillow. I could see he was struggling not to make any noise and I rushed to his side and pulled him into my grasp.

As soon as I picked him up his body stiffened, so I moved more carefully, whispering gently into his ear as I adjusted his position. I lay down on my back and pulled him on top of me, also on his back so I had access to his stomach.

"Were you sick?" He nodded and I sighed, nipping at the top of his ear and nuzzling his hair gently. There was a few minutes pause were we simply lay in silence, listening to each others breathing and basking in the warmth the other provided

I noticed that he was still shifting uncomfortably every few seconds, probably from cramps caused by the food poisoning and I knew it was rather- not painful- just uncomfortable because it was constant and pain relief didn't help.

My hands went to stomach, and just like they had the night before, they gently massaged his stomach in an attempt to give him relief from the pain. As the minutes passed I could feel him relaxing, his body melting into mine and eyes closing.

"We'll just have a relaxing sick day then, feel better tomorrow."

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