Chapter 2

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( just a reminder hybrid is when they have their ears and tails out, animal is when they are animal, and human is when they don't have ears or tails also you might have thought prompto would be the chubby kid you see in the videos but not in this story..he instead is skinny so he can be flexible and fast......okay now onto the story )

Prompto's ( POV ) 

The two wolves tumbled off of me in fear as their kings voice rose. They bowed and shifted away from me. The huge king loomed over me eyes narrow as he studied me. He turned to a white wolf with blue eyes and motioned his muzzle swords me " take care of his injuries he won't go far with them" he said in a stern yet caring voice. the white wolf nodded and pawed her way to me. I shot my with a snarl and barred my teeth. The white wolf stopped and smiled " its okay cub I won't hurt you" she purred motherly. She sounded just like mom and I wanted to cuddle up to her and escape the world around me but I couldn't. I can never trust wolves any more not after this. The white wolf came closer and sat down. She looked at me and smiled warmly " could you shift to hybrid for me" she asked with a small smile. I smelt her. She didn't seem dangerous so maybe I can trust this wolf. I shifted to hybrid and watched as she shifted hybrid to. I cleared my throat and looked at the king " where's mama and papa " I spoke barely above a whisper. After I spoke two wolves came in howling with laughter " stupid foxes think they could" they stopped and stared at me, the white wolf, and the king. Blood covered their muzzles and teeth. A few drops where on their coat. Fear was written all over their faces as they looked at me then to the king. They shifted into hybrid to show more respect" y-your h-highness " one spoke bowing his head. the other one silently bowed his head like his partner did. I stared at them blood dipped from their muzzles and landed on their paws. I got to my feat and slowly made my way over to them. my tail twitched with anger and my ears lowers a snarl ran in my throat as I bared my teeth " where are mama and papa " I said getting closer to them. a few more minuets and I was in their faces. they smiled and blood showed on their fangs even in hybrid form " dead ". 

( sorry its not too long I am sort of busy with school and is more worried about that than writing this story at the moment also I want to thank you guys for voting and liking this......i.....was about to give up on it and then BOOM you guys came and loved it so I will continue for you guys and maybe make another promptis story )

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