Surgery- Lachlan/Pack

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Mitch's P.O.V.

A pained scream echoed across the house, followed by a huge crash, scaring everyone in the room. Rob's head shoot around, his eyes immediately going to the hallway which is where the scream came from. We all knew it was Lachlan who screamed, he was the only one from the Pack who wasn't in the room.

Vikk and Preston were on their feet seconds after Lachlan's scream and bolted down the hallway to his and Rob's shared bedroom, closely followed by Rob, Jerome and myself.

Jerome was actually first to the door because he sprinted and started thumping on the door with his fists but no response came from Lachlan. It was silent. It sounded like something had collapsed, and something big for that matter.

The door was locked, so Preston and I started bashing on it with our shoulders until there was a resounding crack and the door swung forwards only just still on it's hinges simply from the force we put on it.

From the doorway where I was standing, all I could see of Lachlan was his arm and part of his leg, but then again that was all anyone could see of him no matter where they were standing.

The layout of the room was simple, two single beds with dressers beside them, a stand alone wardrobe and a desk. Only now the desk was collapsed, the wardrobe tipped over and Lachlan underneath it.

Rob, Jerome and myself rushed forwards and lifted the wardrobe off him and I panicked. He wasn't unconscious but his eyes were bleary, he wasn't concentrating on anything. It looked like the wardrobe had landed on his side, and I pushed his shirt up, black and blue bruising covering his side and arm too. There was a large and heavily bleeding cut on his forehead.

A damp cloth was pressed into my hand and I ran it over the bloody cut, which was actually on his forehead and the blood had leaked into his hair. I could hear muffled mumbling outside the room, someone on the phone I assumed.

Preston crouched down beside me, his face pale with shock.

"Lachlan? Lachy can you hear me?" He didn't respond, his eyes slipping shut every few seconds. I jumped when the door opened and Rob stood there.

"Vikk just called the ambulance, they want to know how he's doing." I nodded, reaching my hand out for the phone without taking my eyes off Lachlan.

"Hello?" It was a lady talking into the phone, the 911 responder.


"Okay, I've just got some questions so I can send them to the first responders, they have suspicion of a spleen injury from the information your friend gave me. First off, do you know his full name and any previous medical conditions and allergies?" The only thing I heard was spleen injury, and my face paled. I knew a friend who had to have their spleen removed and it was a really serious injury.

"Ummm, his full name is Lachlan Ross Power but he's from Australia so he won't be in the medical system, and as far as I know he doesn't have any allergies or any previous injuries."

"What's he doing, your friend said he was almost passed out." I looked back down to Lachlan to see his eyes were closing slightly, the bleeding continuing on his forehead.

"Yes, he was hit by either the wardrobe or desk collapsing and he's not focusing on anything, we haven't moved him yet because it might hurt him."

"That was good of you, and what's your name?" I blinked, why on earth didn't she need to know my name?

"My name's Mitch and I've got four other friends with me." There was a little intake of breath but I didn't think I was meant to hear it.

"I didn't realise there were so many. Try and keep them out of the way when the ambulance comes, it's almost there."

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