Chapter Five

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It has been five minutes since our uncle left us to our own thoughts after he further explained who they were after watching the video. It's not every day you hear your parents confess to you that they were spies and they were killed off by one of their enemy. And now our brother was kidnapped by the same man. I mean, what is with this family? How many more enemies are out there that are willing to take revenge on what my parents and his team did? Probably a lot and as far as I know there are only a few surviving relatives left that are related to the Alpha Black Hawks. It scares me to know that I was not safe anymore. Maybe I was not even safe in the first place. I don't know if finding out about my family's secret was a good thing or a bad thing.

"Hey sis. How are you holding up?", my brother asked. I looked at him and for some reason he seemed calm. I, on the other hand, was still figuring out if I was suppose to freak out or get angry or just be cool about it.

"I don't know. I mean, what am I suppose to say after hearing all this? This is supposed to be fiction. Our parents died because of a traitor, our brother kidnapped because of the same man who wanted mom and dad dead and now it's our turn to get into the family gig. Don't you find it weird and unreal?" I hate to say it but I was beginning to see that someone wants to wipe out our family from existence. Well, it is not yet sure but these are just not coincidences if you ask me.

But before my brother could reply, our uncle returned. He looked older and tired. He really needs to get some sleep before he gets sick. And both my brother and I know that we can't afford that right now.

"You guys, alright?"

We both nodded our heads. Uncle suddenly stood up straight and put his game face on. It's time to get serious.

"Come on. I'll brief you guys in on the agency before I bring you there."

We both stood up and follow our uncle to his study room. We waited for further instructions plus I was crazy curious on what he was going to tell us. He went behind his desk and clicked on a switch under the drawer. I heard an air puff like sound indicating that something has been opened. Next I noticed that he moved some random books on his book shelf. And next thing we knew, a door appeared from a wall and started to slide open.

My brother and I looked at each other and I shrugged because I have no idea what just happened. I had to pinch myself to be sure that I was not dreaming and everything was real. And I guess my brother did the same thing because he was rubbing a part of his arm that was turning pinkish red.

As we walked down the stairs, uncle started to explain the "secret" room.

"I built this room years ago when I was still working for the agency. There were times when I had to work at home. Your old house has the same one. I did not put it up for sale. I figured you wanted to go back once you're ready and old enough. I asked your brother if he wanted to but he always changed the subject."

A big metal door suddenly appeared and uncle typed a passcode on the wall. And all of a sudden a screen appeared on top of the keypad and it started to ask for his name.

"Please state identification"

"Matthias Roger Saunders II"

Then a device of some sort popped out and uncle looked through it with his left eye. After all the security measures, uncle just looked at us and gave a reassuring smile.

"Welcome, Mr. Saunders"

"Come on kids. We don't have much time."

We entered the room just as the door was sliding to close. The room was filled with what I believe was the latest technology. Every computer and monitor was coming to life and the table in the middle of the room started to light up.

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