Chapter 21- Aftermath

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The next morning Bella was in the arms of her brother. With her sister close by.

Severus strokes bellatrix's hair and shrieks. "I'll kill him!!!" Bella smiles and hugs her brother tighter. 

"I've missed you so much sev. I've missed you both. So much." Bellatrix whispers. Severus smiles and kisses Bella's head bringing narcissa into the hug. 

"I've... We've missed you more." Severus corrects seeing Narcissa's glare. Bella smiles and let's her brother and sister comfort her. 

Bella looks over as Voldemort walks in a while later. She smiles weakly and walks over into his arms. Bellatrix hugs Voldemort tightly. 

Soaking in the feeling of his strong warm arms wrapped tightly around her, protecting her from anything that tried to hurt her. Voldemort gently rubs Bella's back. 

"I've missed you bells." Voldemorts  whispers. Bella smiles and kisses Voldemort passionately. "Mummy?" Hermione asks walking in. 

Bellatrix pulls her daughter into a hug. Voldemort smiles at his family. 

"What's wrong baby?" Bellatrix asks gently. 

"Can't sleep mummy." Hermione mumbles curling close to her mother. Narsissa smiles slightly and rubs her sisters back. 

Voldemort wraps his arm around his two girls. "I'm sorry baby. Do you wanna stay with us?" Bella asks looking at one of the reason she fought so hard to survive that horrible prison.

Hermione sniffles and nods clinging tighter to her mother. "Ok baby." Bella says leading her daughter to her bedroom. 

Voldenort follows. Bellatrix sits down with her daughter in her arms and rubs her back gently. "I'm sorry mummy. I'm sorry you had to go through that." Hermione whimpers. 

Bellatrix tries to smile but the pain in her eyes was great. "It doesn't matter anymore baby. I'm here now, thanks to the both of you." Bellatrix says. 

Voldemort pulls his girls close and strokes bellatrixes hair. "I'm so sorry my love that you had to go through that. I promise you-" Voldemort seethes. 

"They. Will. Pay!" Voldemort grounds out sounding more deadlier then ever. 

Bellatrix smiles and kisses her love gently. "Why don't you take hermione and have a day with her and go on that raid for me. You two need some time." Voldemort suggested a while later. 

Bellatrix smiles and looks over at her daughter who matched her grin. 

A while later bellatrix and hermione were flying over muggle London, when hermione smirked evilly. 

"Let's take out the bridge." Hermione says. 

Bellatrix and hermione circle the bridge and sever the support cables. Muggles scream and go running. 

Hermione flew closer to her mother. The mother daughter pair fly through the entrance to diagon ally and send glass flying. 

They take the old wand maker and slip a bag over his head before appertaining back to the house. Hermione laughs and hugs her mother tightly. Bellatrix gently strokes hermionies hair. 

"Go tell your father that we have the old man." Bellatrix smiles. Hermione nods and walks off.

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