Chapter 6

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SORRY for the long wait. Here it is!! chapter 6!!! Enjoy!!!



Both cars pull into an alley way. The team gets out.

"So what's the plan?" Deeks asks.

"We wait to see if anyone else comes then grab the buyer and seller together." Callen replied.

"Two birds one stone." Sam states.

"Alright I'll pull up the satellite." Alexa says whipping out her agency tablet. She clicks the link sent by Eric and a satellite view of the building pops up.

"Only 3 people." Alexa says.

"Alright now we wait...some more!!" Deeks exclaims quietly.

Everyone shakes their heads at him. He looks down. Alexa pats him on the shoulder.

"It's ok champ." She says smiling. He smiles back. She hands Callen the tablet.













"Someone just walked in." Callen said getting up. "2 more bodies."

"5 of them 5 of us!" Deeks smiles. "Seems unfair though, since we kick better arse!" We all look at him. "What?" He says.

"Alright then," Callens says. "Me and Sam will go through the front. Kensi, Deeks get the back. Alexa take the side door entrance. We can't let anyone get away."

"And break." Alexa says. They all laugh except Deeks.

"Really?!" Deeks says.

"Let's go." Sam says and starts walking, Callen follows.

"You heard him." Kensi said walking to the back of the building. Deeks follows.

Alexa walks in through the side door entrance.





"FEDERAL AGENTS!" Sam exclaims entering the room.


"Shots fired." Callen says ducking for cover. Sam follows.

Alexa ducks down behind a crate. Kensi and Deeks come in from the back and shoot.


"2 down." Kensi reports.

"3 to go." Deeks says.

One guys tries running for the front door, but Sams arm stops him and he falls to the ground. Sam binds his hands.

"Nice." Callens smiles looking over the crates their behind.

"FEDERAL AGENTS PUT YOUR GUN DOWN." He shouts to the man in the middle. The guy puts his gun on the floor and get on his knees.

"Cover me." Callen says to Sam. Sam nods. Callen goes slowly over to the guy, gun pointing at him.

"Hands behind your back." Callen tells him. He does as he's told. Callen binds his hands. "One more." Callen says looking around."Anyone see him?"

"No." Deeks replies.

"Nothing here." Kensi says.

"Nada." Sam replies.

A guy runs for the side door, Alexa sticks out her cast. He falls. She grabs his arms and binds his hands.

"Got him." Alexa says breathing heavily.

"All clear." Callen says.

"All clear." Everyone replies.

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