How They Laugh

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America: Loud and annoying (according to others). High pitched and repetitive. Literally just his normal laugh in the anime(sub).

England: It is beautiful (please make this man laugh). I have an example but the fact that I actually have a real example of this character's laugh might be too weird. Especially since I called it beautiful.

France: Sounds like he's sobbing.

Canada: Laughs like a toddler. Not literally. Maybe a little bit, though...

Russia: Can be cute or scary, no in between. Cliche, I know.

China: Tries to hold it in, causes an eruption of crazed laughter. Mannerisms are hard to keep up with.

Germany: Deep chuckles. Suits him well.

Italy: A child on a sugar rush. I could've worded it better, but I didn't...

Japan: Wheezes.

Prussia: Loud and weird/unique.

Romano: Powerful, confident laughter. He's grumpy all the time so he might as well be very, very happy when he's actually happy.

Spain: It's like he's singing. Basically, it's attractive.

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