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CHAPTER 4: Whispering in the Dark

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‘I thought you’d never show,’ Dan said as he brought Heather to himself and handed her his big leather jacket. It was chilly and windy and really dark, except for what camp fire that was left, still burning and smoking up the last of the firewood.

She took the jacket a bit too willingly and covered herself, though she wasn’t even that cold. It was approaching three a.m., but it didn’t look any different from three hours ago. ‘You mind telling me why I had to set an alarm for a camping trip, Danny?’ she asked in between yawns. Dan smiled when she yawned. Something about her yawn reminded him of a two month old baby, and if that wasn’t cute, he didn’t know what was.

‘I like to keep a close eye on my band members,’ he replied coolly.

‘Oh so you call the rest of the guys out at three in the morning and give them cool leather jackets?’ she teased.

‘You think my jacket is cool?’

‘I’m sure it’s had its moments.’

Dan chuckled, glancing at her eyes and away over and over again. They were pretty eyes; impossibly white with light grey irises that seemed to glow by themselves, even in the little present moonlight. ‘You have amazing eyes, you know that?’ he said, now rather sincere.

‘Aaw,’ Heather cried with a smile, ‘I’m sure you tell that to all your band members.’

‘Wow, Heather, do all the guys that date you have to work so hard to get you serious for a second?’

‘So this is a date?’

‘Well, given the fact that we are on some remote Lost-like island, and you agreed to meet up, it pretty much measures up as a date, yeah.’

‘You really worked this out, didn’t you?’

‘I work everything out.’

‘I like the sound of that,’ she mused. ‘So where are we going on this… er… date?’

‘Oh, you’ll see,’ Dan replied. ‘Let’s just hope you can stay awake.’

There was against-the-rules but ultimately welcome guest in Dennis’ cabin. His was the only cabin that housed only three people, but at the moment, it matched up to all the others. The guest was not too tall nor was she very short. For a teenage girl, she was just right; with the correct measurements, beauty, hair, ego… everything.

However, she wasn’t Dennis’ or Chris’ visitor. John didn’t consider her a visitor but necessary company. Twice Dennis and Chris had left the cabin and returned and on the third time, they were actually relieved that Athena had finally fallen asleep. The problem was that she was out in john’s bed and if the teacher found them the next morning… well, she couldn’t afford to get caught.

But, neither Dennis nor Chris wanted to say anything. The thought of their friends getting caught was an attractive prospect, especially considering none of them ever got caught doing anything. Chris nudged Dennis and suggested they leave the cabin. Maybe the lovebirds would get up and interrupt their sleep again.

‘Where do you suggest we go?’ Dennis asked.

‘I know a cabin with an extra bed,’ Chris said.

‘You’re talking about Athena’s cabin, aren’t you?’ Dennis laughed, looking at Chris like he was crazy. ‘And just who is going to get the bed?’

‘Well, you’re the one with the girlfriend in there, so I guess you’ll have to share.’

‘You go if you like,’ he said. The mention of a girlfriend (Lily) reminded him of the conversation he had with her earlier. Suddenly the amusement in his voice disappeared and he unconsciously sneered. When Lily told him that she popped pills, his first instinct was surprise, but when she asked him to say something, he said nothing. Up to now he had nothing to say. What could he say?

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